I can remember when I was young, one of my favorite things to do was to play my version of paper dolls.  Remember when your mom would receive "big" catalogs in the mail from Sears and JC Pennys.  (I'm quite sure I'm dating myself here).  When she was finished she would give them to me and I would go through and cut out my "paper dolls".   I  would pick out a family and include all of the accessories that would go in a house.  Furniture, appliances, decorations.  Everything!  I would spend hours with a friend next door laying out our houses across the entire floor.   I loved it.  That passion continued when I grew up in the form of magazines.   Southern Living, Better Homes and Garden, Martha Stewart.  I could go on and on.  I  would buy all of the party and decorating magazines for the holidays and then I'd always keep them after I read them thinking, "I'll need to refer back to that one day".   I am so thankful for the inventor of Pinterest.    It's a place where you can go and "pin" ideas on boards.  It's like a bulletin board for any category you'd like.   I love it.  You can visit others and see what they have pinned and if it interests you and can "repin" it to one of your boards.   Now I'm finally able to let go of "most" of my large accumulation of magazines and make my husband very happy in the process.  ha

If your interested, click on  Pinterest  website to check it out.

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Happy Pinning.  But keep in mind, it can be habit forming.

Just of few examples of pins on my boards.

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Childhood Memories
(I had this barbie case)

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  1. HI Deborah~
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! It is always wonderful to meet a fellow paper doll person. I loved them too! I would set up a town on my bed with the cardboard sets they came in. I loved cutting them out and played for hours. I do like pininterest too. You have some awesome pictures.