Friday Find and a Happy Birthday

My find today turned out to be something I hadn't realized I've been missing.  Don't know how many of you are coupon users.   Mike is the coupon King.  Me, not so much.  I use retail coupons for Kohls, Gymboree, Hallmark, etc but I've never really put in the time for groceries.  One of the reasons would probably be the large straight edge folders Mike keeps them in.  Too big... too much trouble... too uncomfortable to carry in...  Not a real good reason?

Well, I was in Target and found a very well made way to get my organization on with the whole 
coupon business.

Aren't they cute!

As you may of guessed, mine's the pink one.

And what do you ask is so great about it?

*  It's definitely well made *

* Has 13 compartments (I would never need more than that) *

* Great size   (about 4" by 8") *

* Did I mention it comes in Pink *
(also green, blue and black)

And the best part is I found it at Target in the dollar section

That's right    $ 1.00


Also, I want to send out a  Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Can't wait for our celebration on Sunday.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mom.



I was thinking about how grateful I am today.  It has been a really great month.  A month long celebration.  Retiring, Easter, lots of get-togethers with family and friends, out of town visitors, several lunches out with friends, a pedicure, a pottery night, birthday GNO,  art show, dinner out and two afternoons at the beach with Mike.  Since my mom's birthday is tomorrow, I believe it's time to bring my birthday month to a close.  It's been wonderful and I'm grateful that so many people took the time to make it special for me.
                                                                 I'm grateful for:

my birthday wishes

 the candle set (battery operated) from Debbie

the beautiful cake plate and candle holder from Melissa 
So cute 

a new apron handmade by Kathie
aren't the colors great

 the coasters above that I made when Melissa and
the kids took me out for a pottery night, 
the picture frame I decoupaged above,
the beautiful girl inside the frame

the gorgeous spring weather we've had this week
we were actually able to turn off the air,
open the windows (which is pretty much unheard of in late April)
and grilling out for the first time this year because of 
the beautiful spring weather

the first grilled dinner of the year

I'm grateful for the art book from Carrie which is
going to be so helpful to me.  And the pedicure at the spa
with Kelly and Makenzie.   It was such a special time together.
(no pictures available)

I still have one birthday gift coming.  With money from and parents and
husband, I ordered a certain "sign" from a certain blogger that
I've been wanting for over a year.  It will be a while before
it arrives and I'm really excited about it.

Thanks everyone for making me feel so special this month.


A special visitor

Mike's daughter, Melissa was here for a few days this weekend.  It was such a special time and we were really excited that she was able to come and are looking forward to a visit in the future.  Aren't
those awesome red shoes.

Safe trip back Melissa.

Budding Artist

We've had a busy past few days but I wanted to make sure I posted, for memory sake, the outstanding art show we attended  on Thursday.  Dylan's preschool (which has an awesome art program) had their annual art show.  His class (3 year olds) decided to use "Woodland Animals" as their theme.  I was so impressed by all the creative work they created.  Their classroom was transformed into a forest with all the wildlife you could imagine.   The teachers and directors did such a wonderful job.

This is a firefly (lightening bug)

Dylan, it was so special to go to your art show.  Nana and Poppy are
so proud of you. 


How quickly time gets away from me

I know life can become busy and time gets away from you no matter what your best intentions are.
Even though I'm no longer Catholic I still try to make a commitment for Lent.  I've always believed in the principle of giving up something (a small sacrifice) to honor  the sacrifice Jesus made for us.  However, my follow through is not always what it should be.   I decided this year to give up soda (diet and regular), fast food and all forms of ice-cream.  For anyone who knows me, this would be very difficult for me, especially soda.  Well, I did it.  After the first few days it wasn't too bad.

I also decided to purge and give away 40 bags of "stuff" from my house.  This is where I fell short.  I just couldn't seem to find the time to complete it before Easter.  But I also am familiar with the saying "better late than never".  This is on my to do list for next week.

Every holiday we try to add a few things to our decorations.  Mike always says it's for the grandkids, but I think we like it a little more than we should.   As I was about to put away the Easter decorations,  I realized that I never got around to posting pictures. (all part of time getting away from me)

I'm like the brighter colors for Easter now so I made an new banner.
(Please disregard my Christmas dishes in the china cabinet.  Another thing I've put off)

Mike's been wanting these bunnies for a few years 
and he finally got them at World Market.  They are really sweet.


I'm sure many of you have heard of  Ashley from Lil Blue Boo.
She is a very successful entrepreneur and blogger  who
 chronicles her battle with cancer with humor and inspiration.
Well, not only do I have to honor of reading her blog, but I won
an awesome giveaway she had.

Every person’s skin is different. BeautyMint’s philosophy embraces that simple fact. Jessica Simpson has teamed with celebrity skin care expert Nerida Joy to bring you a skin care system that combines the right products in the right way – specifically for you. We believe that personalization is the key to gorgeous, glowing and youthful-looking skin.
(The above information is from Ashley's blog)

I have very fair and dry skin and I've seen a difference in just a few uses.  I look forward
to looking like Jessica Simpson soon.  Ha!!


Thankful for:

653.  an afternoon at the beach.
654.  the entire family being together.
655.  a pedicure with Kelly and Makenzie (her first) for my birthday.
656.  easter egg hunts.
657.  banana pudding.
658.  beautiful breezy sunny days.
659.  my nieces and nephews.
660.  time with my parents.
661.  a pottery outing with Melissa, Taylor and Dylan for my birthday.

662.   park slides.
663.   a lunch outing with Gail.
664.  facebook birthday wishes.
665.  my online business class.
666.   great church sermons.
667.  laundry done for the week (and it's only Tuesday).
668.   getting over a cold in one day.
669.  a visit from my Illinois grandbabies.


Random Thoughts

                                                         Random Thoughts

1.   The best thing about facebook is all the well wishes you get on your birthday.  Love that!

2.  It's my birthday today.  Church, lunch out, beautiful sunny, breezy weather and a lazy day.  
      Love that!

3.  Spending a few hours on the beach for the first time this year and documenting it on 
      instagram.  Love instagram!

4.   Having my whole family together for  a simple Easter Brunch.  I Love that!

5.  I love reading childrens' books to my grandkids and nieces and nephews while they all
     try to pile in my lap.   I Love that!

6.   After  two weeks of being retired, I've found that I Love Being Retired!

7.   I'm beginning a new on-line class tomorrow so I realize I need to buckle down and finish
      the first on-line art class and do the lessons "I'm not so interested in" instead of just repeating
      the ones I really like.    I don't love that I've been procrastinating but I have loved the art class
      and I can't wait to begin the new class teaching the business aspect of art.

8.  I've visited my parents twice this weekend for a  couple of hours each time.  I made the time
     to do it instead of "being too busy with life".    I loved the two visits in one weekend!

9.  My  15 year old granddaughter was telling several family members about a conversation her first 
     boyfriend and she were having at sports practice.  She was hot, sweaty, her hair was a mess
     and someone asked her if she was embarrassed to see him to see her like that.   She said, without
     missing a beat,  "If he can't handle me at my worse, he doesn't deserve me at my best".  
     I Love that!   Not only do I love that, I wish I was like her when I was 15.  

10.  My Illinois granddaughter took my face in her hands last weekend and told me, "I really
       really miss you Nana.   I loved that and I really really miss her too.

Easter 2012 (Part 2)

III.  Easter at Mom's House

We always have dinner and an egg hunt at my mom's in the evening on Easter Sunday.  There's about 45 of us.   We have 6 birthdays in our family on or around Easter.  Hunter's the youngest of  the birthday group so we usually try to do a little cake and "make" him stand by it so we can sing happy birthday to everyone. He's a really good sport.  You can see how much he likes the attention. ha.
Of course we also have banana pudding and strawberry shortcake.   Can't have Easter without that.

            This is the first year none of the grandkids (just the three little great-grandkids) egg hunted.

We only had to hide 24 eggs.  We usually hide more than 200.
I only took a few pictures to document it.  Frankly
I was just too tired.  But I'm glad I did.

IV.  Park, Pizza & Cupcakes

Since Kelly and the kids were heading back Wednesday morning we wanted to get in 
one more celebration.  The weather has been so beautiful we decided to go to the
park and picnic on pizza and cup cakes in honor of mine and Kelly's birthday.

Kelly, Makenzie and Brody

Brody spent most of the evening sliding.

After a while on the "baby slides" he was ready for the big kid slide.

And he loved it.

Taylor and Makenzie

Makenzie and Clifford

Makenzie loves to swing.  You can't push it high enough for her.

Not sure about this slide at first but after going down she was  ready to ride with her brother.


Now Dylan on the other hand (despite the happy boy you see above) doesn't care for the swing.

                                                            But he is such a monkey.

 He prefers to go down the slide the "dangerous" way.

Happy Birthday Kelly.  I know how you like "fancy" parties.

Makenzie, Kelly, Brody, my Mom (Nanny) and Dylan

It was so great for our family to be together for the Easter holidays.
I hope your family was as blessed.