Seems like I'm always playing catch up on my blog lately but one of the main reasons of having my blog is to record our everyday lives I'd be remiss if I didn't have a birthday post.  Three have passed in the past few months so here's the reader's digest version.
                                                         Warning, photo overload


                         We celebrated Mike's birthday this year at T-Rex at Downtown Disney.

                                                  It was a first visit for all of us and we were
                                           very impressed with all of the scenery and dinosaurs.


My cutie pie Taylor.

The food was good and the portions were gigantic.

Ryan got the biggest hamburger I've ever seen.

Mike got chicken and roasted vegetables.

We have our own little T-Rex in our family.

We were so glad it worked out that my parents were able to join us.

The pictures don't do justice to the detail here.

Mike made a friend.

My birthday boy and me.

From left to right, Dad, Austin, Randy, Melissa, Dylan, Melissa, Ryan, Mom, Mike and me.

(we missed the family members who weren't able to make it)

If you ever have a chance and you have boys in your family,
this is a must do.  We really enjoyed our whole dining experience.


On Mike's actual birthday I made his favorite breakfast and his 
favorite dessert, Apple Pie.

Happy 62nd birthday to my handsome husband.


Our Dylan is five and with five brings his Army party.
His mom did a great job decorating with all this favorites.

for 5 year olds, or for that matter 50 year olds, bounce houses are lots of fun

twin cousins make the best helpers when opening presents

Memaw and cousin Devon

cousins and friends

sweet Eli

don't you love parties where everyone dresses the part



Happy Birthday Dylan.  I can't wait to seeing what to see what exciting things
coming in your fifth year.


After Taylor's big Sweet 16 last year, this year's birthday was low key.

And the reason for the low key party is..............

her birthday car

helping surprise her are some of her best friends

thanks Mom and Dad  
I think she was one happy girl

and we were so happy to be there to see it all

Happy Birthday my sweet girl.  I love you!!!!


Koby is 7 now.  Is that considered old enough for us to stop referring to him as our puppy.
And he got his favorite gift.

Happy Birthday Koby.

Carrie's Birthday

dinner out for my baby this year

Melissa's birthday was in December but
alas I have no pictures.  Resolution for next year:  no birthday celebrations
without my camera.  I know, I can hear all the boo's coming my way now.