Still Waiting

   ******* The girls have been sponsored.   *******

               There are still about 10 kids at Fond Blanc that need families, visit                  
                         http://fondlyblanc.wordpress.com/ to learn more.

My niece, Jessica, along with her small group from church are finding sponsors for a number of children at Fond Blanc in Haiti.  Sponsors have been found for all but two girl.  Sisters Kerline and Mouncheca.

Every day, these sweet sisters struggle for the basics. Each day, they wake up without the security of basic necessities like food.  The pastor who takes care of them along with 40 other orphaned children told Jessica that they usually only have enough food for one meal a day.  They are very greatful for that one meal because somedays there is
just not enough money and their one meal consists of sugar water and a piece of bread.

Please visit Jessica's blog to find out more about Fond Blanc and these two sisters.

For those of you who have access to any type of social media, please consider passing
this along.

If you would like to consider sponsoring one or both sisters, you can email Jessica
directly at jirvin79@gmail.com.

I know many of you out there may not be in the position to act right now because times are hard.  Then please take the time today to pray that someone will step up for these two girls.  Tomorrow their names go back without sponsorship.



Multitudes on Mondays

Joining Ann Voskamp 1000 gifts.

                                     Hope you'll visit. Just click on Multitudes on Mondays picture 
      Remembering to be greatful in all things

Thankful for:

585.  time to finish a project for my class.

586.  much needed rain.
587.   the will power to do without soda (day six).
588.  phone time with Janet.
589.  a visit with my Mom this weekend.
590.  home cooked meals.
591.  my husband's homemade lemonade.
592.  park time with Dylan.
593.  a church with a servant's heart.
594.  grace.
595.  special k vanilla almond cereal.
596.  communion at church.
597.  feeling loved.
598.  friends who offer sweet compliments.

What are you thankful for?


Mardi Gras and Lent

We aren't big on celebrating Mardi Gras but we do have some pretty
great memories of it.  Let me explain.
My best friend lives in Mobile, Alabama.
Did you know that the Mardi Gras parades actually originated there?
We've been to visit her numerous times during Mardi Gras.I
For those of you who have ever been to Mobile, well lets just say January and February
(when Mardi Gras happens) are good months to visit.  It can get pretty hot and humid.

We even went to New Orleans once for a parade.
(I didn't care for that trip but that's a different story)

The parades that we went to in Mobile where a little more family friendly.
They not only throw beads, they through moon pies.
(and who from the south doesn't like orange or banana moon pies)

Mostly what I think about when I hear Mardi Gras are the fun
times with Janet and her family just visiting, cooking,
going to the beach and and shopping in Fairhope.

We did find this really cute flag in Mobile.  The have entire
stores dedicated to Mardi Gras decorations. 
So every year (if were not visiting) we put up our flag and remember
all our adventures.

I decided to get Mike a King Cake this year.  First time! 
It was yummy.  Think cheese danish with sprinkle sugar on top.

                                            ................... and that brings me to Lent

For Lent I've decided to give up soda (regular and diet), fast food (with the exception of veggie subs and chargrilled chicken sandwiches) and ice-cream in all forms (milk shakes, gelato, italian ices etc...)  I'm writing it down to keep me accountable.  Soda will be the hardest for me because I drink at least one or two or more a day.  And yes I know that it's bad for me and is probably the major cause of my, shall we say weight issues.   I know it will be hard.  I want it to be hard.  It's suppose to be a sacrifice.

This year I've also decided to do a "random act of kindness"  for a different person  for each of the 40 days leading up to Easter.  I was inspired by an awesome blogger Laura who spent the days  leading up to Christmas doing this.   I'm going to find a way each day to lift up someone.  It could be be a notecard, a phone call,  an email, a letter, a gift.  It doesn't really matter what it is, but to let someone know they're making a difference in my  life.

And lastly I'm going to be doing 40 bags in 40 days.  Maybe you've seen it on Pinterest or on another blog.  I saw this last year (can't remember where) and then again today on The Larson Lingo.  Basically purging your house of treasures you don't need or use and donating to a worthy cause.   Goodwill, Homeless Shelters, Adoption garage sales, any number of places that will be able to make good use of the gentlely used items that most of us have.  To hold myself accountable I'm going to post pictures.  I find that I accomplish more than I set out to do when I'm accountable for it.  I know my husband will love this.  The man hates clutter even though he is what some might call a collector and others might say accumulator. 

                                             Anyone else interested?
I pray to be purposeful with my time to connect with God and be aware of his presence and to honor him in my life daily, especially during Lent. 



Project 4, A Portrait

I've just finished Project 4, which brings to an end Week 2 in my  Creatively Made online class.  I'm so greatful that we have about 3 months to finish a four week course because I'm behind.   This project
was a portrait using mixed media.  I used  a 12 x 12 canvas, white and clear gesso, graphite pencils, acrylic paints, antiquing stain, chalk pencils and the flowers I got online.  Next time I do one similar to this I will definitely cut out most of the dark green leaves.  I'm not thrilled about how that came out but I guess that the object.  Trail and error.   Any way, for the most part, I'm happy with the end result.
                                                                        Meet Grace.


It's been a relaxing weekend that is coming to quickly to an end.

Ryan gifted Mike with a ticket to join him at Megacom Saturday afternoon.
This is the second year he has joined Ryan.  For those of you
who don't know what that is, it's a convention for all things,
Super Heros, Star Trek, Star Wars, Zombies, comics etc.
If you've ever seen The Big Bang Theory, then you pretty much get the idea.
Mike really enjoyed the time with Ryan and Austin (Amber's son).
Below are a few of the pictures that I'm willing to post.


Dylan popped by on the way home from his Valentine Party at preschool
to show my his face painting.  His crocodile.  

Thankful for:

586.  girl scout thin mint cookies.
587.  a relaxing weekend.
588.  laundry washed, folded and put away.
589.  several long walks with Mike.
590.  crocodiles.
591.  being at peace about job decisions.
592.  a little time shopping with Melissa this weekend.
593.  hot chocolate.
594.  days without needing air-conditioning.
595.  the cardinal that flies around our house.
596.  Kobe, who sits at the window looking for Mike when he goes outside.
597.  conventions for boys.
598.  time alone to work on an art project.

What are you thankful for?


Wordless Wednesday

Thankful for:

576.   tagged photos on facebook.
577.  a movie date with my sweetheart.
578.  texted photo's of all my grandkids on Valentine's Day.
579.  chocolate.
580.  a large family get-together to celebrate two birthdays that included
lots of laughs.
581.  telephone conversations.
582.  winter weather in Florida.
583.  the Pearl Event II in March.
584.  the time spent creating this weekend (when I should of been cleaning).

What are you thankful for?


Happy "Love" Day

today we celebrate love

love for our sweetheart

love for our babies (grandbabies)

love for our family

love for our friends

and the greatest love of all

                                HIS ONLY                           
                                          THAT WHOSOEVER
                            BELIEVETH IN HIM
                  SHALL NOT PERISH
                                                   (John 3:16)

This is my commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.        (John 15:12)


I decided to take the day off to be with my sweetheart today

Breakfast together

exchanging our tokens of love

I made Mike the little tree picture.
The print on the tree is the lyrics to our song.
(idea from pinterest)
The book is for us to read together  in the evening.

His gift to me.  A beautiful bracelet and
two cards.  He couldn't decide so decided to get them both.  

We went to a movie (The Vow) and had a light lunch out.
Awesome movie, not so hot lunch but they were playing
Christmas music for Valentine's Day so you have to laugh.

Well, I'm on my way to make dinner.  We've had a great day.

Our love to everyone.


We heart Valentine's Day at our house.

I got this really cute dish at Costco (on sale for 10.00)
You can use it as a candy dish, a silverware container or for flowers.  Love it.

The heart garland was super easy.  I bought several packages of pre-cut felt 
hearts from JoAnn Fabrics (on sale for $1.49 per package).  I hole punched very small 
holes and strung fishing line through.    I am really happy how it turned out.

I'm really gonna miss all the pink and red.
Until next year, happy heart day.


Two of my four favorite valentines

Hopefully I'll be adding two more pictures soon.   :-)


Pearl Party

    I'm so exited to be able to attend the Pearl Event II, The Double Strand in Nashville on March 10th.

Many of you know and love Sibi of Pearls and Grace.  

She has put together some amazing Christian women  (listed below) along 
with herself to share their stories as a source of encouragement to others.

Paige Knudsen of Simple Thoughts

Edie Wadsworth of Life in Grace

Sarah Cantrell

Jane Matthews

It's going to be held at Gaylord Opryland Resort.  I understand there's still
35 tickets left.   Go to Sibi's blog to find out more information.  I'd love to see you there.


The drilling has begun

The drilling of the well at Trees of Glory is underway and the first phase has been completed.  After many delays (which is normal in Ethiopia) drilling rigs arrived at the CarePoint.  Final geological and land surveys were completed, boring began and water was finally reached.

The second phase of the project will involve the completion of cisterns for water storage, along with pumps and pipework to make the water accessible.  For the staff and kids at Trees of Glory, this is a dream come true - a definitive answer to prayer!!

For more information and pictures on the progress, Karen (sponsor co-ordinator) for Trees of Glory posted about this exciting news on her blog.   

For all of you who helped with donations, thank you so much.  It will make all the difference in the world to these precious children.  

To God be the glory!

Thankful for 

571.   the drilling of TOG well has begun.
572.  Amber recovering from surgery.
573.  a very compassionate son.
574.  the book, Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst.
575.  free parking today.


Making a difference

Last week we received a letter (and Christmas card) from Muri, our little girl at Trees of Glory.  We are so excited to get these little updates from her letting us know how she's doing. 

There is a portion of the letter that gives them the opportunity to ask us a question.
Her question was "I am eager to see you in person".   Basically, when are you coming?
I am so hopeful to go this year.  I'm praying daily for God to give me the courage (I hate flying, much less flying for 20 some hours over oceans) and resources (I will no longer be working as of the end of March) to do this.  But I'm feeling more encouraged all the time that it will all work out.  Her request only encourages me more.

Her prayer request is for us "pray to God for her that she will be a good student". 

She's pretty young so there's usually not much writing but she always draws us a little picture at the bottom. I have to say, she is really quite good to just be 6.

We have the opportunity a few times a year to send a small care package whenever
a group goes over to help at Trees of Glory and Kind Hearts (the care points from Children's Hope Chest).  Below are a couple of pictures from November when Karen Wistrom (sponsor co-ordinator) and a group were last there.  This is Karen's sweet daughter giving our precious Muri her little care package. 

Because there is so many children, we have to condense our little packages into what you can fit in a quart or sometimes gallon size baggie.  That is so hard because you want to get them so many things that you're sure that would just love or more importantly need.  But it turns out what they want most are pictures of their sponsor family.  Well, that and underwear. 

It makes all the difference just knowing someone out there cares about them, prays for them and loves them.  These are God's precious children.  I cannot stress enough how blessed we are having Muri in our lives. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact Karen Wistrom  at kjwistrom@yahoo.com . At the moment, every child is sponsored, but there will be more children enrolling soon and she will then contact you immediately to match you with a child who needs a sponsor family.

Other opportunities:

My niece, Jessica's small group at church have the opportunity to help find sponsors for a care point in Haiti called Fond Blanc.   This is also through Children's Hope Chest.  We all know of the great need in Haiti and this is certainly alot closer for those of you who would  want to go over for a visit one day.  If you interested in finding out more information on sponsoring a child in Haiti, read her blog post:

*Sponsoring a child is a great way to help an individual child by ensuring that their basic needs (food, clothing and medical care) are being met and that they have the incredible opportunity to get an education! As we all know, education is the key to a life of opportunity instead of a life trapped in grinding poverty. An education gives these kids a chance to grow up and become the future leaders of their country! 

*You will also get the opportunity to send a small care package a few times a year and  write your child though email once a month.

* Going on a mission trip or participating in fund raisers for projects are also great opportunities but not required.

Below are a list of links where there is an opportunity to sponsor children.  We sponsor  through Children's Hope Chest but the other three have very good reputations.

Children's Hope Chest

Wiphan {Widows and Orphans}

Pearl River Outreach

Eagle's Nest

Have a blessed day and remember to add me to your prayer list if you remember to help me with my courage issue.   (I think that makes me sound like the cowardly lion in  Oz).  ha!

                                                          Thankful for:

                                                          567.  Muri
                                     568.  my sweetie bringing me lunch to work
                                                569.  much needed rain
                                        570.  my playlist playing Amazing Grace


Project 3, Canvas on Vintage Hardware (minus the hardware) & Multitudes on Mondays

The third project in the Creatively Made class was a 4" x 4" canvas on vintage hardware.  I had a hard time finding the hardware in the project so I decided to just do the canvas.  The object was to draw a person on a canvas done with mixed media.  I drew her free hand and I think my main problem is not knowing when to stop.   I'm not satisfied with her features or shadowing in the neck but all-in-all, I think I'll keep her.

                                                                Meet Joy....

Joining Ann Voskamp 1000 gifts.

           Hope you'll visit. Just click on Multitudes on Mondays picture above.
                                   Remembering to be greatful in all things

Thankful for:

557.  the eye opening sermon and awesome music this morning.
558.  lunch out with my sweetie afterwards.
559.  a sweet letter from Muri.
560.  an opportunity to serve.
561.  laundry washed, folded and put away for the week.
562.  time to work on my art today.
563.  a clean dog.
564.  a project done for Valentine's Day.
565.  a hug from my sweet great-nephew.
566.  baptisms and dedications at church today.

                                               What are you thankful for?


Other Plans

When Dylan was here for a sleep-over on Friday I decided we'd try a little photo shoot to make  a special Valentine for Mommy.  After trying to pose him with my valentine blocks, it soon became apparent
that he had other plans for what he thought his valentine should look like.  So he began to "stage" his
own picture.

And as you can tell by the look on his face, he was very happy with his end result.

What's  a valentine without Zurg, good and bad Buzz and Davy Jones.

The picture below is what I originally had in mind.  After 1.. or 2.. or 25.. takes, I finally
got one with him looking at the camera.  But you know what, I believe
Dylan was right.  The pictures above are most definitely him. 


In honor of Valentines Day, we had to have a sweet pick for movie night and 
what could be better for our Charlie Brown loving grandson than
the CB Valentine Special.

This is how these two can been found on most any movie night.

Hope you're all having a fun filled,  family loving Valentine's month.


Thankful for:

547.  brother's who drops everything to help is baby sister.
548.  feeling at peace with life changing plans.
549.  GNO's with my best friends.
550.  Bang, Bang shrimp.
551.  an afternoon with our oldest granddaughter.
552.  teenage girls who still love Disney Princess movie marathons.
553.  a husband who did all of our floors.
554.  a church that cares more about living God's word than having the nicest, biggest building.
555.  coconut gelato.
556.  the week full of beautiful Florida days.


February's Goals

I was just going through my January posts and realized that I'm behind on 1... or 2... or 10... of my New Year's resolutions..... already. This morning I was looking at a comment that another blogger made to a blog that I love. I followed the comment to her blog and came across a post that spoke directly to my issue, not completing my long term goals. (that's one of the things I love about blogging)

Basically, she posted about giving herself a few monthly goals. I've decided to give
it a try. Oh, I'm still going to try my best to keep all most of my New Year's resolutions
but I'm hoping to have better luck with shorter term goals.

(image above is from google vintage valentine images)

February's Goals

Learn well, one new setting on my camera

Make two final decisions about my new business

Plan healthy dinners

Do some form of exercise daily

Finish week two and week three assignments in my e-course, Creatively Made

Read one book of the bible

Read I book

Do one "random act of kindness" daily

Make a homemade Valentine decoration

At the end of the month I'll report what I accomplished. 

Things you may or may not know about me:

I love holidays
I love decorating for holidays
I love vintage holiday decorations
I love holiday food
I love having holiday parties
My favorite holiday is the next one that's coming
I love Valentine's Day!!!