Fun Friday (Dylan and Colton)

This Friday, Gail and I took our grandsons (the cousins) to the Science Museum for a little field trip.


I'm pretty sure their favorite part was the boats.  I guess boys love boats because for the 
most part, the boat area was surrounded by little boys.  After a few almost "accidental" fall-ins,
we made our way to the next section.

                                                                THE KITCHEN

They really like the kitchen area.  Maybe we have two budding chefs.


Of course with these two, lunch was a hit. 

The fearless cobra snake ride.  ha


The boys really enjoyed the  Vehicle Room.  The museum had all types of vehicles
(trains, space shuttles, cars, trolleys and planes) that were scaled down to their size.
Dylan loved the trains and Colton leaned more towards the plane and space shuttle.
They both really enjoyed the car that they could display their mechanical abilities on.
They knew just what to do.  Their Daddy's would be so proud.

Patiently wait for the machine to make their plastic molded dinosaurs.  Remember those.
Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the end result.  We were busy trying to cool them off (to hot 
for little hands) and then the boys were  off to the next stop.  They were cute though.


  In the physical science room they spent quite a bit of time with the gravity and marble table.
They loved watching it spin around but Dylan wasn't as thrilled when it would finally go down the hole.

                                                            EARTH SCIENCE

As you can probably tell, Dylan was not a big fan of the earthquake simulator.  Colton loved it.
Dylan did love the area where you build a structure out of blocks than push the "earthquake" button to see if it falls down.  They really enjoyed the falling buildings and did it quite a few times.

Having fun on the aircraft simulator.

We had a really good time and on the ride home they tried to talk me into bringing them back tomorrow.  We'll have to do this again soon.  We probably did less than half of what was there to
offer.  They did have a huge indoor terrarium with alligators and turtles that were a big hit.  They also had an awesome dinosaur room with some as large as 30 feet tall.  We weren't in there very long because apparently my 2 year old grandson doesn't yet appreciate 30 foot tall skeletal dinosaurs who growl when you walk by them.  "I'm a terrible Nana".  He and I quickly left that room.

On the ride home they boys were talking up a storm about their favorite things.  

I finally figured out (on the ride home) how to get these little guys to look at the camera and smile.
All I have to do is tell them, "you'd better not give me any smiles" and then they quickly looked directly at the camera and smiled big.  Wish I'd thought of that on the way.

When I dropped Colton home I got a sweet surprise.  Kathie's (one of my bf) daughter, Kara, was 
visiting.  She had her sweet twins with her.   "L" and "K" are so adorable.  

When I was visiting Makenzie last week she asked me to take a picture of her cousins and put it one the computer.  I'm sending this one to you sweet girl.  
(You'll notice you cousin Dylan is missing.  He turned down his ice-cream snack because he
wanted to play in the playroom. Can you imagine that?)

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