Multitudes on Mondays


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                               Remembering to be greatful in all things

I'm thankful for:
#311      a successful garage sale to raise money for an upcoming mission trip.
#312      that my husband did the garage sale for me in 100 plus heat.
#313      that my niece and nephew let us use their house for the garage sale.
#314      the sweet baby shower to celebrate a new great-niece.
#315      the beaming smile on my SIL's face at the shower anticipating her new granddaughter.
#316      making room for my van in the garage after said "garage sale".
#317      grandkids spending the night on Friday (even Taylor).
#318      Randy's (my son-in-laws) birthday.

Happy Birthday Randy
#319      the time spent with my life-time friends at GNO.
#320      Taylor's over-the-top excitement about starting high school.

#321      that after a weekend of fuming and having hateful thoughts about a careless adult who
                said  hurtful things about a loved one with them in earshoot, I prayed for forgiveness
                (for both of us).
#322      the laughter (and a few screams and crying) that came out of my pool this weekend
                 when nieces and nephews visited.

#323      that my granddaughter asked me to give her a manicure yesterday in anticipation of
                her "first day of high school" and while doing it she told me about her new schedule.  :)
#324      that Makenzie begins pre-school this week.

#325      the phone call from a very excited Dylan on his way to "big boy class" at his school
                today.  It's Promotion Day.
#326      the laughter with my sister and daughter Thursday night.
#327      being forgiven in God's grace.
#328      the beginning of planning for fall.
#329      ice-cream
#330      Benedryl
#331      for the Chinese food Mike brought home for dinner.


  1. So many blessings. . .God is good! :)

    Visiting from Ann's place today,
    May you keep finding the blessings!

  2. I just love your sweet family photos included in your list today! Thank you for visiting me. Have a wonderful week!