Belated Birthday Post. Makenzie, You're 4!

                                            Happy Birthday Makenzie.  My big girl is 4.
                                                      (Belated Birthday Post)

           This a Makenzie's 4,  birthday post.  What an exciting year you've had baby girl.

                                     It was your first full year being a big sister.

                                            Modeling for Mommy before leaving for preschool.

Your visit to the Pumpkin Patch with Mommy, Daddy and Brody.

Your were a ballerina and Brody was a pumpkin for Halloween.

You had a Halloween Program at School.  You were not so keen with being on stage.
                           In November you went to Disney World with  Mommy and Daddy.

                                                       You met the real Princess Bell.
The real Princess Belle and the Little Princess Makenzie Belle
I think you look just alike.

You got to meet Mickey and Minnie and have your picture made with them.

You love playing dress up.

At your christmas program with your 3 year old Pre-school  best friend there, Lola.

Christmas with your brother.  So cute!

                              Pictures with Santa.  This is not one of your favorite things but you did sit beside him this year.

You love playing in the snow.

Your swing set/playhouse is a great place to be when you're out enjoying a nighttime snow fall. 

Your first snowman.  What a great job.

You love having tea parties with your friends.

Enjoying your easter basket surprises.

                                                        Easter morning with Mommy

At the circus with Abby.
Fourth of July Cookout with your friend Miranda

You liked seeing the fireworks, but I think they were a little loud.

Your first gymnastic competition.  We are so proud of you.
Your mom says it's the first routine she's ever seen where the gymnast did the routine with her
 eyes closed the entire time.  You're still a little shy in front of audiences.  :)

Birthday morning breakfast  out with Nana.
Your Florida birthday party with Brody.
Makenzie being 4.

Things you love to do at 4:

play dress up
have Tea Parties
do art projects (on any kind)
go to Disney World
make up songs and dancing routines and then have your parents judge like on "American Idol"
bake with your Mommy
go shopping with your Mommy (sometimes)
read books
watch dvd's in the car
swimming (which you can now do without your duckie)
play kitchen
play on your swing set
play with your friends and cousins
love on your brother
you weren't crazy about 3 year old preschool but you seem to really like 4 year old preschool (so far)
your a patient big sister, most of the time, and love teaching your baby brother things and you are very protective of  him

You're Nana's  beautiful, smart, sweet, stubborn, opinionated, wonderful baby granddaughter.  I love you exactly the way your are.   I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

I've decided to start a new tradition beginning at age 4 (the age I  think they'll understand)  for my grandkids.  An interview that hopefully one day they can look back on and see what they thought about  and how they have changed over the years.  I'll post Makenzie's soon. 

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