Dylan's Tigger Party

Dylan's 2nd Birthday

Melissa, Taylor and my first attempt at a fondant cake.

Tigger Pinata

Yummy Cookies

My Mommy is a great cook

Oh boy, a bike!

My buddy, Will

Future soccer player, Go Coltie

I love Birthday Parties

Favor Bags

Let's pretend everyone is looking
I'm gonna get this on the first hit

Let me get this straight, you hit the pinata with a stick and candy falls out of the sky.

         Dylan celebrated his second birthday with family and friends. He loves Tigger. Can you tell.
         He got so many wonderful gifts. Thanks everyone. You knew exactly what he wanted.


The Last Game

                                 After 6 years of league cheerleading, this is the last year.
                Taylor and Hannah                  
       Friends since they were little girls.

Such cute little goofs

We're so proud of you two.  Your becoming beautiful young ladies.


Special Days in September

September came and went in a flash.  I didn't want it to go by without remembering two special days.

Grandparent's Day

Dylan holding Poppy's picture.


Dylan showing Nana his yummy food.

Grandson # 1, Dylan, had a grandparents day breakfast at his pre-school. It was alot of fun meeting his little friends. What a sweet time we had.

Poppy's Birthday

Love these guys so much

Poppy, let us help you with this.

Let's get these candles blown out so we can get to the good stuff.

Even though Mike's (?!&) birthday is the 25th, we celebrated a little early because Kelly and the kids were in town.  Nothing better than celebrating your  birthday with grandkids.  I don't suppose you can tell how much they like cake.  (Brody was already in bed so he's not in the pictures).

Four Months

This is what 4 months of cuteness looks like.

Brody (4 months)

Cousin Day

                                                  We had a great cousin day at Chuck E Cheese.

Cousins by way of (Pocohantas)
Taylor and Hannah

Cutie Coltie
Cutie Dylan

Sweet baby Brody and his Mommy

Princess Makenzie Belle

The gang enjoying cookies

Princess Caroline

Princess Hermela and her little sister and little cousin

Fun in the tube

Giving Chuck some hugs

Princess Meron
On the left:  Colton, Meron and Caleb
On the right:  Dylan, Caroline, Makenzie and Hermela

Pizza and fun was had by all.  As usual (with the exception of Brody's mom) I got no pictures of the adults but  we were there.  The kids were great.  Can't wait for  another Cousin's Day.


Nick's video from his vist to Ethiopia

Go to   (advocating, adoption & sponsorship) in my header and click on it.  It will take you to the blog about Nick's visit to Ethiopia.


Photography 101

I have alway had an interest in photography.  Actually it is more of a deep seated desire to take really good pictures of my family.  Since I have never been very good,  I decided to take a photography class with Mike and my good friend, Debbie G.
I've been learning new terms like aperature, ISO, white balance, shutter speed and F-stop and how it pertains to taking pictures.  Billy is a great photographer and teacher and I'm really enjoying it.  There are a lot of very talented people in the class.  Unfortunately, I'm not one of them but I am learning.  Our first assignment was to take a high ISO and low ISO picture.                                                    


High ISO


The only problem is that I should of taken the first picture in low ISO because the sunlight was so bright.
I should of taken the second picture in high ISO because it was almost sundown.  

Lesson 1:  Low ISO if you have a lot of sunlight.
High ISO if you do not have a lot of light (ie: sundown, incandescent or florescent).


My makeover is done (blog makeover that is)

I just had my blog make over done by "The Art of Living" blog design (Jennifer Ingersoll). I'm really happy with the way it turned out. My idea is to have my Home page, the Advocating/Adoption/Sponsorship page and the Family page separate. Thank you so much Jen for all your hard work and for putting up with my "lack of knowledge".