Memorial Day

Honoring our service men and women

For love of country they accepted death.   
James A. Garfield

Multitudes on Mondays

                            Joining Ann Voskamp for her Multitude on Mondays. Hope you'll join 
                                 Remembering to be greatful in all things

#176    being gifted with years to love my family
#177    little ones on pony rides

#178    a long weekend at home with my husband
#179    finishing one (of several)  big projects at home
#180    a grandson on a sleepover (who loves trains just like his Poppy)

#181    the warm hot weather making the pool water the most perfect temperature
#182    my sweet baby granddaughter (who even though she's getting older, I still see 
             my baby) 

#183    airport homecomings

#184    families growing by adoption
#185    a new family member
#186    a beautiful Africa t-shirt that my niece and her family gave to me to wear to the
#187    lunch with Carrie
#188    family coming over to swim
#189    cool breezes in the evening after a long, hot day
#190    ingredients to make peach cobbler on hand
#191    for the true celebration of Memorial Day.  I'm thankful for all of our brave service
             men and women  who paid the ultimate price for our freedom and way of life.   We 
             honor you.  
#192    side walk chalk

                                      What are you thankful for?


There Home!!!

My niece, Jessica, arrived home from Ethiopia today with Rahel.

We love you sweet girl and our family is so blessed to have you.

Cute shoes for a great cause.

                    Last Christmas a sweet blogger,  Kristi , had a giveaway (her 12 days of Christmas).
                        I was so blessed to be one of her winners.  I won the cutest sneakers.

Laura of Will Work For Dog makes these shoes.

Laura starts with a pair of Converse® shoes and then draws zen-like designs ALL over them. Each pair of hand-decorated shoes is literally covered with beautiful, intricate designs.

They really are adorable. And unique. And truly one-of-a-kind.

And these just aren't shoes. They're shoes for a reason. Laura, and her husband Ric, have a darling little boy named Elliott. Elliott has autism and Laura is making and selling shoes to pay for a yellow lab, named Orbit who is being specially trained for a year to be a service dog for Elliott.

(the information above in blue is from Kristi's blog)

Thanks Kristi for the giveaway and thank you Laura for your beautiful shoes.

I'm sorry it took a long time to post.  When I put in my order, I communicated the incorrect size and they had to be made a second time.
I'm having problems with my camera and the picture above doesn't do these sweet shoes justice.
Click here to get a better look of the shoes.


Easy Homemade Peach Cobbler

I'm joining Kelly for the Show Us Your Life - Desserts

My all time favorite dessert (and homemade banana pudding came in at a VERY CLOSE second) is good old fashioned (Southern) Peach Cobbler.

                             This is not my picture.  I pulled it off line because I didn't actually make a peach cobbler today but it looks identical.


1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of butter, room temperature
1 cup of self-rising flour
1 cup of milk
1 (15 ounce can of peaches)

Preheat oven to 350
In a 9 inch square pan, cream sugar and butter.
Mix in flour and milk until smooth.
Pour peaches over top.
Bake 25 minutes (or until golden in color).


You could with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream but we never do.  It's too yummy by itself.


Multitudes on Mondays

                        Joining Ann Voskamp for her Multitude on Mondays. Hope you'll join.

                                 Remembering to be greatful in all things

#156     much needed rain   
#157     blog friends 
#158     the written word
#159     planning a road trip with Mike (with lots of windshield time)
#160     visiting my baby girl's apartment and seeing she's doing just fine
#161     sleep overs
#162     village salad, humus and pita bread for dinner 
#163     little girls in pig tails

#164     a walk with a neighbor friend that I haven't talked to in a while
#165     swimming with my nieces

#166     a fundraising idea that I'm happy about
#167     Isaiah 1:17
              Learn to do right; seek justice.
              Defend the oppressed.
              Defend the cause of the fatherless;
              plead the case of the widow.
#168    that God has perfect timing even when I don't see the answer
#169    a sweet stranger's offer to help my stranded daughter 
#170    another family  graduation (Daniel)

#171    anticipation of a homecoming
#172    children's books
#173    lifelong friends
#174    always "trying" to see the good in people before jumping to conclusions
#175    healing words

                                                 What are you thankful for?


Fun Friday

I was lucky enough to have my nieces come for a sleep-over.  It happened to be near all three of their birthdays so we decided  swimming, bubble baths,  American girl movies, nail painting, story reading and more swimming was in order.  Thanks girls for all the fun.

                              It's was great to have three little girls in the house again.


Remember When.....

We're (and when I say we, I mean Mike)  in the process of repainting the  inside of our house room by room and changing out photo frames.  Going through the pictures, I'm trying to choose "just the right ones" to display.  I've always wanted to create special photo albums of all my kids and grandkids and as of today, well lets just say I'm getting nowhere fast.  That's one of the reasons I love blogging.   I get to journal through words and pictures what's happening in my life with my family.  It's so great to have practically "live time" moments permanently displayed with the touch of a button.  I wish I had been able to do that with my kids when they were growing up the way I am able to do now with my grandkids. 

Going through pictures I came across a photo of my son when he was three.  It's not special because he was dressed in a nice outfit (obviously not).  It's not special because we were at an important place or event. But it is special to me because this "outfit" at the age of three was what he LOVED to dress in.  Under Roos (remember those) and cowboy boots.  If I would of let him, he would have worn them everywhere, including church.  I remember thinking that "I COULD NOT WAIT" until he grew out of that stage, they wore out or he grew out of them.

................... now, what I wouldn't give to have my little boy run around the house in his under roos and cowboy boots.

(Thank goodness for scanners.  My new best friend)


Wordless Wednesday (almost)

                                                Special day for my baby girl (granddaughter)
                                               She made the high school cheerleading team.
                                                                    (for next year)
                                                        High School.  That's not possible.
                                                                 I Love This Girl!!!


Multitudes on Mondays

                        Joining Ann Voskamp for her Multitude on Mondays. Hope you'll join.

                                 Remembering to be greatful in all things

#133        conversations on the phone with  granddaughters

#134        a fun day at the park, pool and having a picnic with D
#135        successful test results in school for T
#136        the beautiful hour sitting on the beach listening to the waves (even though it rain
                the entire ride there and back)
#137        finding a new church that we really feel at home in
#138        a visit with my mom
#139        that the message on Sunday's sermon spoke directly to me and where I am in my life
#140        that the message on Sunday's sermon spoke directly to Mike and where he is in his life
                (even though we heard the same words it took the form of different messages)
#141        a successful shuttle launch
#142        the hard working staff at Trees of Glory
#143        words of love, blankets and bookshelves that will soon be on the way to the children at
                Trees of Glory (thanks to sponsor families and donations)
#144        Jessica, Gail and Judy for making the journey to deliver the items
#145        the lovely Africa t-shirt from my niece and her family.  LOVE IT!!
#146        all the things my husband does for me just because
#147        my sweet son who calls just to say "Hi Mom, I Love You"
#148        sunshine with a breeze in the air
#149        our yellow lab, Koby (even though he licks and  sheds everywhere)
#150        take out pizza when I don't feel like cooking
#151        monthly dinners with my best girl friends         
#152        faith
#153        clean sheets
#154        when Mike makes me his famous (and sweet) homemade lemonade
#155        for babies learning to walk


                                           What are you thankful for?


Sweet Conversations

I got a phone call last night from Makenzie.  We had a very long conversation. 

I miss you Nana. 
I'm coming to Florida soon. 
Will you play kitchen with me?
Will Poppy play kitchen with me?
Can I see my cousins when I come down?
Will Caroline play kitchen with me?            (Apparently she wants to play kitchen alot)
I can't wait for my birthday party?
Will you take me swimming everyday?
Can my cousins go swimming with me everyday?
Will you and Poppy take me in the pool and hold my hand and go all over the pool?
Brody can't go in the pool.
Brody can go in the pool if Mommy and Daddy hold him.
Nana, Brody can't swim.
I can swim if I have my duck swimmy on.
Do you have a duck swimmy?  (I told her I had a fish swimmy)
Mommy, I need to take my duck swimmy to Florida.  Nana only has a fish swimmy.
Dylan can use the fish swimmy.  He's a boy.
I miss you Nana.
Can I talk to Poppy.  (She then has a long conversation with Poppy then asked for me again)
Nana, I had fun with Reilly today at school. 
Nana, Brody tries to scratch me and pull my hair sometimes (Brody is 11 months old)
I can make Brody laugh.   Watch Nana   (as she holds her mom's phone out)
Are you watching Nana?
I can read 30 to 40 words.
My mom says I can read 50 words.
Daddy is at work.
Watch me make Brody laugh.                                                         
Are you watching Nana?
I had Chicken Noodle soup for dinner.
I make cupcakes and fruit salad with my mom sometimes.
Are you done doing the dishes?
I miss you Nana.

Just had to write down this moment of sweetness with Makenzie.


They Passed!!!

              This morning, Jessica and Nick woke up to the best news--"THE EMBASSY SAYS YES"!!!
                                                                 (from Jessica's blog)

                                            Our family is adding another blossom on our tree.


Multitudes on Monday

                   Joining Ann Voskamp for her Multitude on Mondays. Hope you'll join.

                                 Remembering to be greatful in all things

May 6th
#120   help Dylan make a mother's day gift for his mommy.
#121   watching a Walton "episode" with my sweetie.
#122   going on a date night to the movies.
#123   the company finished rescreening pool area with falling.
May 7th
#124   having a visit with Melissa where we talked and laughed for a couple hours (uninterrupted).
#125   beautiful flowers from Mike for Mother's Day.
May 8th
#126   Mother's Day brunch with my extended family to celebrate my mom.
#127   a trip to downtown to the city park/farmer's market with a couple of my kids/grandkids/niece to walk around, watch the kids play and just be together.  It was so much fun and relaxing.  Wish all of my kids could of been there.
#128   a relaxing afternoon.
#129   a special mother's day card from my wonderful friend/sister-in-law, Gail .
May 9th
#130   for lessons learned.
#131   forgiveness for my occasional sharp tongue.
#132   our large extended family continually growing.

                                                 What are you thankful for?

The Simple Woman's Daybook: May

Simple Woman\


I am joining The Simple Woman's Day Book blog to journal my thoughts on this day. Please click on the link above if your interested in taking a look.

                                                  The Simple Woman's...Daybook:

                                                      May 7th, a day in my life............

                                                             Outside my window.....
            I see a gentle breeze blowing through the trees on what "appears" to be a relatively nice day.
                                   (we're already getting hot summer days in Florida)

                                                         I am  thinking.....                                                                          
 that I have a lot of work to do at home today, yet a neighborhood garage sale is calling me (which is        funny because I don't typically like going to garage sales)
                                                              I am thankful for........
                                                                   my mother.

                                                                I have learned ......
                                                             Relationships cost.
  It’s not that you aren’t going to blow it. It is what you do with it, when you do.
                        (Lesson learned from Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience)

                                                              From my kitchen...
     There is a recipe that I'm want to try.  A delicious looking chicken dish I saw on Pioneer Woman's Blog   
                                                    (picture and recipe from her blog)

                                                             I am wearing.......
                                                             soft pajamas.

                                                                   I am creating.......
                                center pieces and decor for a birthday party I giving in June.

                                                                 I am going.......
                        to an movie today with Mike and an Easter Brunch tomorrow for my mom.

                                                                  I am reading.......
                                              alot of magazines this week.  I need to new book.
                                                              (any suggestions)

                                                              On my mind..........
                                        What am I suppose to be doing with my life????
                                            Am I listening to what God is telling me or
                                                      what I want him to tell me.

                                                            Around the house........
                                we (actually Mike) are redoing the upstairs family/tv room
                                           and making it a special place for the grandkids
                                                      One of my favorite things.......
                                                      taking pictures of my family

                                                  A few plans for the rest of the week.....
                          cleaning out my old office/junk room to make room for Mike's train room
                                                  Small window into my life .....


Happy Mother's Day

                                                        Happy Mother's Day

                                                        (She made our matching dresses)
Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. ~Author Unknown


National Day of Prayer

                                                Today is the National Day of Prayer. 

Psalm 25:1
To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul;

Psalm 37:7
Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.

Psalm 55:17
Evening and morning, and at noon, I will pray and cry aloud; and He shall hear my voice.

Psalms 145:18
The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

Did you know:

The bible refers to the word prayer or expresses a prayer in 61 of it's 66 books. 

There are close to 1100 distinct references to and about prayer in the bible.

                                        Please don't forget the tornado victims in your prayers.


Food For My Soul

                          Found this on YouTube.  Watch it till the very end.
                                            (mute my playlist first)

                                       Music doesn't get better than this.

Wordless Wednesday


Don't forget the tornado victims!

It seems the news media  lost interest very quickly.  Please don't forget the tornado victims.  The damage is catastrophic.   Hundreds of lives lost, thousands of homes and family's life long  possessions gone  in a matter of minutes.   Christy at Southern Plate and Kelly at Kelly's Korner have listed organizations on their blogs that are in need of help.


Multitudes on Mondays

                               Joining Ann Voskamp for her multitude on mondays. Hope you'll join.

                              Remembering to be greatful in all things
April 23
#81  a beautiful afternoon for an Easter Egg hunt.
#82  for Ryan getting a haircut just because his mom asked him to.
#83  pottery shops to take grandsons so the can paint an easter egg.
#84  the sound of the neighborhood kids playing outside.
#85  the plan God placed in my heart.
April 24
#86  Resurrection Day.
#87  young teenagers who still love to easter egg hunt with the little guys.
#88  a simple Easter dinner with my extended family.
#89  beautiful weather for Easter.
#90  homemade banana pudding (still warm).

April 25
#90  the ways that God lets me know when I'm not where I need to be.
#91  ibuprofen.
#92  four totally different and perfect (to me) grandchildren.
#93  roasted vegetables.
#95  music of praise.

April 26
#96  my work day going very fast.
#97  sleeping babies.
#98  a heart for widows and orphans.
#99  rain.

April 27
#100  my moms birthday.
#101  dinner out with my family to celebrate.
#102  forgiveness.
#103  left over pastel hershey kisses.
#104  all  of my husbands hard work in our yard to make it beautiful.

April 28
#105  warm towels after a shower.
#106  an easy drive home from work.
#107  having a boss who lets Thursday being my Friday (end of work week).
#108  going out to dinner with my husband.
#109  baby boys in overalls.

April 29
#110   a beautiful day to swim with Dylan.
#111   the birds nest you can see from our pool that gave us beautiful music to enjoy.
#112   nieces playing soccer  on a breezy evening.
#113   an evening spent watching  Dylan and our neighbors dog, Lilly, playing football together.

April 30
#114 that they still make movies you can take your granddaughter and her bestie to.  (Soul Surfer)

May 1
#114  stuffed blueberry french toast from Mimi's Cafe and then a Sunday drive with my sweetie.
#115  sunshine.
#116  having all my laundry washed, folded, hung and put away.

May 2
#117  my sister's birthday.
#118  our military and a very greatful nation.
#119  brave little girls who ride  horses at the circus.

                                          What are you thankful for