Cousins Play Date

We were able to have one last cousin get-together before Kelly and the kids
had to head back home.

Pizza + pool + cupcakes = a group of happy kids.  

I love the cousin playdates.  It brings back the sweet memories when their Mommy's were little.


Happy Birthday Brody! You're ONE.

Happy Birthday Brody.

You started out so small.


                                                         But you grew very quickly.  

1 month
2 months

3 months
4 months


                                                                      Sweet smiles

Learning to sit up by yourself

Sometimes you steal your sister's thunder

But she loves you very much and is such a good big sister to you

                                                                   You love your swing.

Your first pumpkin patch

                                                       Your first family photo session

Your first Christmas

Your first trip to see the Easter Bunny

Your first pony ride.

You're Mommy's baby boy

You're Daddy's little buddy

I just love this face!

Brody is ONE!

Things Brody loves at 1.

his mommy
his daddy
his Makenzie
most any food
his bottles
cars (anything with wheels)
swimming in the pool (he loves it)
walking with push toys
board books
Aunt Carrie

  You took on your smash cake like nobody's business.

I love you big boy.


Party Time!

Kelly and Matt came for a visit to celebrate Makenzie's 4th and Brody's 1st Birthday.  They live out of state but have lots of cousins locally so we had a combination celebration here.
(Just warning you, Long Blog Alert!)

      Brody's First Birthday. (He holds up "one" finger when someone asks him how old he is).  Cute!

Makenzie is such a good big sister.  Happy Birthday "M" and "B"!

                                                                   Makenzie and  Dylan

Aunt Melissa, Uncle Randy, Taylor and Dylan

This is a rare picture.  All of the cousins (on the Mercer side) in one picture, mostly looking in the same directions and with their Mickey/Minnie ears on no less.  Yeah!!  (In left to right order, Caleb, Dylan, Colton, Meron, Hermela, Brody, Makenzie, Rahel, Caroline, Taylor, Jaxon and Kylee.

The kids ate Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets (Costco), fruit kabobs and Mac and Cheese

Sweet Caroline

Aunt Carrie and our good friend (family really), Krysta

Makenzie's unofficial (official)  Disney Princess name sharing cousin, Aurora and her sweet Mommy, Jana

Cutie pie Coltie

Our beautiful Rahel

Opening presents were such fun.  Thanks everyone for such thoughtful and perfect gifts.

Makenzie loved her barbie and Pinkalicious outfit from Aunt Melissa.

As you can tell by the expression on her face, this girl loves clothes.  Thanks Aunt Michelle.

Cake time

Brody starts off slow

but finishes big.  He loved his cake.   Happy 1st Birthday buddy.

Makenzie is not quite 4 yet, but we're celebrating a bit early. 

Make a wish sweet girl. 

Cupcake time.  These are cupcake loving girls.

Especially Meron!

We actually had a few cupcakes decorated with black icing to match the colors of the party.  I didn't want the kids to eat them because it would temporarily dye their teeth black.  However, my nephew Hunter was game.  Isn't he the cutest.  (Sorry Hunter, it had to be said)

I love it that the cousins love each other so much.  How sweet are they.

After cupcakes, it was pool time.   The part everyone really likes.
Mommy and Makenzie

Mommy and her baby boy, Brody

Kylee is growing up.  She's a sweetheart.

I love this girl.  Hermela is the sweetest, brightest and most determined 7 year old I know.  Come live with Aunt Debbie baby girl. 

Caleb is the coolest boy I know.  (Thanks for putting that aside and putting on the Mickey ears for a picture big guy).

Here is my baby grandson.   He's the best baby in the world. 

Aunt Carrie and Brody.  He loves the water.  We started teaching him to go under water and that's all he wanted to do.  You could barely keep his head above water.  What a big boy your are.  Yeah!!!

Uncle Ryan and Dylan.   They are such buddies.  I might be a little partial (ha), but I think I've never seen  more handsome boys! 

Aunt Peanut and Jaxon.  Is that not the cutest face.  (Both of you)

We had the best time.  Thanks to all the family who came to help celebrate with Makenzie and Brody.  As I was going through the pictures I realized  that I didn't get pictures of  Austin, cousin Kim and Tony, Aunt Jessica, Uncle Nick, Nanny (my mom),  Dixie, Uncle Scott, cousin Scottie, Aunt Gail and Kathie.  Sorry guys.  I also didn't get any of Poppy and myself. 

We were there Makenzie and Brody, I promise.