GNO and The Help

Last night was GNO.  They just don't seem to come around often enough.  I've been going out with more or less the same group of girls  since about 1989 (can I still call us girls.......absolutely).  Usually it's just dinner but occasionally we get crazy and add a movie or outing.  Last night after dinner we went to see "The Help".

It was such a beautiful and poignant movie.  I'm so glad I was able to share that experience with "girls" that are so special to me.

I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone else but let's just say bringing a few (or more) tissues might be a good idea.  About half of us read the book first and the other choose to see the movie first.  Both sides enjoyed it equally and no one had issues following the plot.  The book has so much more time to develop the characters so my suggestion would be to read it first.

What I learned.....

Words matter

As a mother I certainly need to step it up in being more purposeful in my words to my children and grandchildren.  Well everyone really.

                                       Resource:    (The pictures are from The Help Movie facebook page)

The pictures above are of some of my favorite characters in  book and movie.

Even if your not much for going to the movies, you won't be sorry for making a exception for this one. 
I would say 5 stars.

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  1. Dear Deb,

    I just went to FL and hubby went golfing one day with my cousin and one afternoon Baby Girl hung out with her Daddy while Mamma went to see this by herself.

    I was blessed to sit next to a Mother and Daughter (probably in their late 50's and 80's-so sweet)who I didn't know. Loved listening to their comments that I agreed with!

    Loved the movie! You can't leave without shedding a few tears.

    What did you end up choosing for summer reading?

    I just set up my Pinterest. I will look for you.