The drought situation sweeping across Ethiopia and other African nations is desperate.   Extreme hunger is taking lives in East Africa.   Millions of people are affected.  Children are dying in their mother's arms.  Even more children left orphans.  The problem seems insurmountable.  How can you possibly help? 

Join Sarah Lenssen at her link below and find out how easy it would be for you to help be part of the solution.  If you can afford $5.00, that's all it will take.   That's a cup of starbucks coffee, a ice-cream cone at Cold Stone Creamery or a happy meal from McDonalds. 


On a praise note, the money for the Trees of Glory well has been raised and the work has begun.  Thank you for all who helped with the fundraiser.  The well will be even more far reaching than just the care-point.  It will also serve the local community.  

Soon a well like this will be operating at Trees of Glory

The Picture is from Karen Wistrom
Sponsor Coordinator for Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory, Ethiopia

                                              To God be the glory.

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