The Best Things About Halloween & Multitudes on Mondays

  There's alot of fun that revolves around October. 

            cooler weather 
            football games
            family birthdays
            picking out costumes
            fall festivals
            halloween parties
            halloween tv specials
            pumpkin muffins
            soups and chilis

                                    But the best things about Halloween for me is ...........

are these cute little pumpkins.

                                                         I'm thinking Brody feels the love.

                                      They're very sweet to share their pumpkin cookies with Rex.

                                                       Multitudes on Mondays

                                                          Joining Ann Voskamp 1000 gifts.

                                Hope you'll visit. Just click on Multitudes on Mondays picture above.

Remembering to be greatful in all things

I'm thankful for:
#401  the beauty of color God gives us in Autumn.
#402  little ones in sweet costumes who will come to my door trick or treating.
#403  wisdom in the words of blogging "friends".
#404  Kelly, Makenzie and Brody's visit.
#405  visits with my Mom this weekend.
#406  Hermela's baptism.
#407  cooler weather.
#408  GNO last week.
#409  my husband who spent many hours this weekend going to craft stores with me.
#410  Randy's surgery and hopeful for a quick recovery.
#411  Melissa continuing to heal after her surgery.
#412  Carrie's job.
#413  the health of my family and friends.
#414  cinnamon spice candles.
#415  our need to forgive because God first forgave us.



The Outside

                               While I the Christmas Gal in our house,  Mike's the Halloween Guy. 
                                                  He loves decorating for Halloween and I give him
                                                                the complete credit for the outside.

This is my one contribution to the outside. 
I still love Charlie Brown.


                                                                    The Inside

                         While Mike's into the scary aspect of Halloween, I'm into the pumpkins.
As I may have mentioned before, I have a slight obsession with pumpkins.  I try to limit  it to
one new and different pumpkin per year.  This year I got two.
Picture above is a Slatkin & Company candle holder pumpkin from Bath and Body Works.
I just love his face and the cinnamon pumpkin candle scent coming out of him doesn't hurt.

My other new pumpkin this year is the "so cute" velvet pumpkin.  I kept seeing them on pinterest
and I was lucky enough to get one.  It looks perfect next to pumpkin man.

These are my trick or treaters that I've had since my kids were little. 
An old friend of mine made them and it just wouldn't seem like Halloween
if I didn't set them out.

This is the area of the house that Mike displays his Jim Shore Halloween collection.

The candle sticks remind me of Beauty and the Beast (except the Halloween color of course)

This year I was lucky to find this "real" Cinderella pumpkin while I was visiting my Dad in Virginia.
It's practically perfect, huge and quite a deal for $5.00.

One of my best friends made this pumpkin
gourd for me several years ago and it's
definitely one of my favorites.  Thanks Debbie.

From our house to yours...


Weekend Visitor

                        We had a little visitor over the weekend.  Dylan came over while his
                     Mommy took Taylor and her friends out to have a late birthday celebration.  

                  We had a few activities planned at a local fall festival  but decided to leave
early because he wasn't feeling well.  We ended up having  having a Charlie Brown Pumpkin night.

He got Rex and Slinky Dog on his birthday and has slept with them ever since.
(Doesn't seem like a very comfortable sleep companion but he doesn't
seem to care).  Thanks Nanny (my mom) for such a good pick.


Embrace the Camera: October 27th

 I'm joining Emily from "andersonfamilycrew" for Embrace the Camera Thursday.
The object is to put yourself (or in this case my husband) in
photos with your family.  So many of us (me) never end up in the pictures
because you don't like the way you look, the way your dressed, no make-up on, etc.
Stop making excuses and start documenting the memories.

 Poppy and Dylan

To learn how you can join in, click here


A Birthday, a First and a Last

        This past weekend marked several milestones for Taylor.  Her 15th birthday, her first
                   Homecoming dance and the last Freshman football game to cheer in.


                                                                 Taylor and her friends

       Wish I could of tagged along to take pictures at the dance (I don't think she would of minded
               if her Nana followed her around with a camera at her first Homecoming dance. ha).
                    It was held at Disney's Animal Kingdom believe it or not.  What ever happened to
                                           Homecoming dances being held in the "gym"? 
                                        They may have a hard time topping this for prom.
                                              The girls do look beautiful in their dresses. 

                                                          The Last Game of the Season              

                        It was also the first cool cold day of Autumn we've had as you may be able
                                to tell by the two pictures below.  It was so nice while it lasted.

 Taylor leaving the game with her main guy. :)

It was a great first cheer season of highschool.