Multitudes on Mondays

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                        Remembering to be greatful in all things

I'm thankful for:
#332   the hurricane (although bad enough) wasn't worse.
#333   the goal has been met with the money for the TOG well  project and is on it's way.  Praise God!
#334   the new roof on my daughter's house.
#335   an elderly family friend home from the hosptial.
#336   my  first art project  with Mod Podge that I began and completed on Sunday.

#337   my best friend's daughter, Madison, getting her learner's permit on the first try.
#338   a quiet, relaxing and not quite so hot weekend with Mike.
#339   the look on an excited Koby's (our dogs) face when he got to go on a car ride.
#340   Mike's patience to spend 2 hours on the phone scoring us a better phone plan. 
#341   Mike doing the dinner dishes "every single" night.
#342   my quiet time talking to God becoming easier every day.
#343   the knowledge that fall is on the way.
#344   the book, Made to Crave by Lisa Terkeurst.

#345   trusting in God's perfect timing.
#346   christian "blogging friends" and their inspiring words.
#347   hugs
#348   for God's forgiveness of me even when I'm sometimes resistant to forgive others.
                  I'm working on that one.

#349   for my granddaughter wanting me to be her "friend" on facebook.
#350   time with Makenzie on the phone.
#351   Melissa's new test results and finding a good surgeon.
#352   baby lizards that hop.

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