i've been on a blogging hiatus most of this calendar year with the exception of a few posts.  i didn't really start out with the intention of taking a break.  it just happened.  lots of things on my mind and some of which didn't need to be shared.   why is it life goes by so fast?  while i was figuring out "life" lots of fun things  happened.  this is just a little brief catch-up for journaling purposes.  there's exciting new things coming up that i'm really looking forward to.

in march i was able to plan a visit with illinois grands

i was able to catch one of makenzie's performances

got to help with a craft party for makenzie and her friends

we rode lots of mall rides


and had special "windshield" time with brody while makenzie was in school

it snowed for the second time in a row on my visits there

makenzie making princess pancakes

it was a great visit


we got rid of mike's beloved convertible for a more practical gas savor

not sure that was such an exciting event for him


we lost a dear family friend

we miss you Mrs. LeBreton



makenzie began reading chapter books

brody potty trained

taylor had her first trip to a gun range

and dylan and I have had lots of chuck e cheese time

(this doesn't exactly fit in the "firsts" category)


easter 2013

easter breakfast

my easter gift from mike.  it's from pottery barn kids but i believe it sold out.
love it.

my easter cake

orange bars and easter bark

this little guy is a easter hunting expert

we missed out illinois bunnies


my birthday 2013

melissa gave me such a wonderful birthday party this year
ribs, baked potato and corn
and i loved my decorations and crown


taylor got her license

i can't believe a have a granddaughter with a driver's license


makenzie and her friend reagan won their first dance duet competition


i was able to watch my great nieces and nephews 2 different days in may

it was lots of fun

love them to pieces


brody turned 3
he and makenzie had an illinois birthday party together for extended family
cowboy and cowgirl


Brody made the newspaper in his hometown bike parade


we had our second gno sleepover at my house
this time we did watercolors
i didn't put my picture in because, well it was terrible and
yes i AM that vain.
love our gno sleepovers

our next one is planned for january 2014
downton abbey season 4 premier 


this is just because he's so darned cute


dylan and I made a summer fun list 2013
our first thing off the list was to do a painting craft
just in time for the 4th

and finally
i have a new granddoggie
makenzie and brody's puppy, lola

well that about covers the important points of the last several months
except mike and i have been on a health overhaul this last two months
we are eating mostly whole foods and exercising daily
so far i've lost 37 pounds

i have lots more to go but i'm proud of both of us
we're not calling it a diet
just becoming healthy

being thankful in all things:

920.  our health
921.  the daily rain we seem to be getting
923.  my morning walks seeing our sunrises in florida
924.  my evening swims seeing our sunsets in florida
925.  christmas in july weekend with dylan and taylor
(on separate nights of course)
926.  feeling energetic again
927.  all the birds chirping on my walks
928.  cool evening bike rides
929.  the smiles mike gets when he plays with his trains 
930.  gno tonight
931.  watermelon ice cream
932.  fireworks at disney world on the fourth of July
933.  prayer and devotion time on my walks