Favorite Pick

This favorite find came about by accident.  One of my Christmas gifts from my husband was a beautiful
heart necklace from Brighton.  The problem is he'd already gotten me "very similar" necklaces before.

Even though I was thankful for it, I asked if he minded if I just took it back because, well as I stated before, I already had so many of them.  I didn't want anything in exchange.  I told him just to put the
money back on the card.  I didn't want or need anything and he was just fine with that.  :-)

We decided to walk around the mall for a little while (first mistake) and ended up in Anthropologie.

My husband actually saw it first and found me in the store (second mistake).  I feel instantly in love.
We both did actually.   I have a mirror hanging over my piano that I've never really been fond of.
It was my husband's before I even met him but it was a nice mirror and I never really saw a reason to change it.  Well, now I had a reason.  So today's favorite find is:

Mike, stop reading this post now.

My only problem is the frames that have my kid's senior pictures on each side don't exactly 
match so I'll be trying to decide on exactly what to do about that in the future.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Everyone have a blessed weekend.


Winter Mantle

when you live in Florida you pretty much have to dream of a "white winter"

after the christmas ornaments came down everything looked so bare 

and empty and even though  my word of the year is simplify 

 i just needed a little something

and i  felt the beginning of January might be pushing it on the valentine decor

so my solution was a little winter mantle

i already had everything except the wooden snowflake banner and a framed winter sayings list

i would of loved to make  a winter "to do list" but  that's not going to happen here

I already had the frame (from Hobby Lobby) so all it cost was a piece of scrapebook paper.

the wooden snow flakes were were 80% off at Michaels (after Christmas sale)

which made them about 50 cents a piece and I just sprayed painted them white

and strung them on fishing line


I was so blessed to be the winner of a giveaway from Melissa of  "A Little Loveliness"

I will tell you that this is the best smelling homemade soap I ever seen

and it has the softest texture too it

I haven't decided if I'm gonna use it myself or save it for my best friend 

who's coming for a visit soon

that's gonna be a hard one


Thank you Melissa 

(One of my favorite blogs ever who puts on the most beautiful and fun parties)

and Thank you My Sister's Antiques

located in Loganville, Georgia

(770) 554-4900

for sponsoring the giveaway and making such a lovely product


12 from 2012

         I've meant to post this at the end of December but you know how best laid plans .....

                                                       12 Highlights of 2012


This was technically the end of 2011 and into the very beginning
of 2012 but it counts.  This Florida girl rarely gets to see snow
so it was a great surprise that I woke up to the snow on my first
morning visiting Kelly and the kids after Christmas.  It didn't 
last long but it was a definite highlight.  i love the way the snowflakes 
photographed making round circles.

We got in a little play time before it all melted.

# 2

If you knew my son and nephew, getting these two boys together and "smiling" for a picture is a feat in itself and a highlight for this mom (and aunt).  

My nephew Ben (in the beard) came over for a small
get together for Ryan's birthday and even
cooperated with a smile.  thanks Benny boy.
this is the first set of boys who stole my heart.

# 3

Creatively Made online art course by Jeanne Oliver

mixed media

I loved the course and would recommend it to anyone who
enjoys being creative and learning new technique.s Jeanne 
rocks and all of her quest artist were completely awesome 
I've taken Creatively Made Business and am currently 
doing Creative Made Home

(disclosure:  obviously I'm not an artist but I really enjoy creating)

the course is for all levels of ability

The Pearl Event

This was a life changer for sure and I recommend all women:
mothers, sisters, daughters and grandmothers to attend one of Sibi's Pearl Events 
if you ever have the chance.

and icing on the cake was getting to meet three of my 
all time favorite bloggers

Sibi is one of the most beautiful, spiritual and loving women I've ever met.
She is the author of the beautiful blog, Pearls and Grace.
She is the creator, organizer, planner and heart behind TPE-II.

Her calling, in addition to being a wonderful wife and mother, is blessing
women with the knowledge that they are God's pearls.  No matter
what has happened in their lives or where they are now.
God created and loves us and we are SPECIAL.

All the speakers were so special and I know it changed the lives for many that day.

It was held in Nashville at the Gaylor Opryland Resort.

Brody's 2nd Birthday

All of my family's birthday's are special but I'm limiting my list
to grandkids because....
         I'm trying to limits this to 12 highlights and my family is big

I went up to Illinois to help Kelly with the  opening of her new performing arts studio

and it happened to be close to Brody's 2nd birthday so I was able to be there for 
the special day.

              This year Brody was crazy about Cookie Monster so the theme was easy.

Kelly and Matt planned it at a beautiful park and the weather was sunny,
breezy and 70 degrees.  You can't ask for anything better than that for a June birthday.

Brody's favorite toy,
his electric buzz light year 4 wheeler

I'm so happy I got to be there for his special day.

# 6
Gulf Shores

My best friend and her husband invited us to stay the week with them over the 4th of
July in Gulf Shores.  They had planned a sweet sixteen surprise party for their
daughter, Madison.  We got to bring Taylor along with us and we really had
a great time.  We were so happy to be included in the festivities.

Taylor and sweet 16 Madison

Here we're on the beach after watching the fireworks doing sparklers

Two of my favorite girlies

Taylor and her Poppy

What a great way to celebrate Madison's sweet 16, Fourth of July
and friends who are really family to us.

Illinois trip with the Girls

In July I took a road trip with Carrie, Gail (SIL), Jessica (my niece)
                         and Rahel, Hermela, Caroline and Meron (my great-nieces).

                  We headed to Illinois for Makenie's fifth birthday party and a trip to the
                            American Girl Store in St. Louis.  We had such a great time
and the girls did so well for the long car ride.  They really made

Makenzie feel so special that they came all the way up for her 
Princess Party.

Makenzie and her girl cousins including Ella (who lives there) at the beginning
of their tour of the new American Girl Store in St. Louis.

we had lunch in their Bistro

each of the girls got to pick out the doll of their choice

after we left AG, we visited an underground shopping area

the girls got such a kick out of watching the fudge maker who happened
to give them lots of samples because "they were so cute"

we got to see the arch as we were leaving

Makenzie's Birthday Party

some of the girls in their princess dresses

and this is some of the girls over me taking pictures

the birthday girl with her Mommy, Daddy and brother


they also had picnics in tree houses

and slumber parties at night

and we even got to visit Matt's family farm and the girls were able to ride horses

and tractors

it was so much fun at the farm but well over 100 degrees so we left after a few hours

it was a long trip and we were crowded at times but I think it just made for a lot
                                            more fun and definitely more memorable

Legoland with the boys

Since we took the girls on a fun trip, Gail treated Dylan and I 
to a day at Legoland with her, Colton and Caleb.
We had such a great time and I highly recommend it to anyone with
children under 12, especially boys.  It's a really fun Grandparent/grandchild outing.

we were actually there in August of 2012
my batteries had to be changed while I was there and the camera reverted by
to the original date and I'm too lazy to go back to iphoto to take the date out

the boys had a great time and the water park was
the best one I've every seen for younger kids

I wanted to put in this picture because this is where Dylan feel in love
with gummy frogs.  Colton was so sweet to share his with Dylan.

Fun Friday Sleepovers

One of my favorite things this year was having Dylan stay over
on most Fridays.  We did this with Taylor when she was growing up
and she was so sweet to stay with us every Friday until she was 14

Two nephews

This year I got to meet my great-nephew Tyler.  
                     Cindi (my niece) came down for a visit for the first time since 
                       Tyler was born.  It was the first time for most in our family to 
                                                           meet our sweet little guy.

My brother and his wife and kids and grandson, Tyler.

It was also the year our newest family member joined us.
Cutest little guy ever, Eli

Jessica and Nick were able to bring him home from Ethiopia
in November.

# 11
Dylan's 4th Birthday
Dinosaur Party

love how all the kids are "helping" blow out the candles

there was dinosaur egg hunt and pinatas

the fun stuff

# 12
Taylor's Sweet 16

Taylor wanted a dance party for her Sweet 16 so her mom
found a cute little night club and rented it out for the evening.
It turned out spectacular and I'm sure Taylor will remember it always.

Taylor with her Mom and Dad

They set up a photo booth with all kinds of accessories.

We attempted to get a group pictures but there was over
60 kids there so this is as close as we got.

Her cousin group shot.  It was special that they all came.

This is only a small look at her party.  The photographer took over 800 photo.
Mostly of silly faces in photo booths and tons of kids dancing.
I think I'll spare you that.  

This was one happy girl on her way home.

As I was making my highlight list of 2012, I realized there were a lot more
I could have added in because the everyday things that happen are just as special.
I'm so glad I take tons of pictures, much to my family's chagrin.  
However, I'm so glad I do because when I look back over the pictures it reminds
me of the special times that make us who we are.

We'll miss you "2012"  but I'm looking forward to 
         seeing what God has in store for me in 2013.

Happy New Year!