Thankful Thursdays (birthday edition)

I'm really grateful for all of my birthday cards, Facebook messages, gifts and outings
that I received this year.  I'm in a stage in my life where "to do gifts"
are my favorite.    This year I was gifted time with loved ones.

Epcot lunch date and dinner in town at my favorite place with Mike.
A movie and ice-cream date with a grandson.
A trip to the mall and lunch date with granddaughter.
A mani/pedi certificate from a daughter and grandkids.
A movie and lunch date with my girls.
A GNO dinner with my bests tonight.
Money from my parents.  I've got my eye on a purse or a pair of shoes.

My kids made celebrated me with a homemade dinner, beautiful decorations
and a lovely and delicious homemade cake.
(Thank you Randy, Melissa and Carrie)

One of my dearest friend's  Gail got me a foot massage and we
both can't wait to schedule it.  I've never had one before.

My bestie who is like my sister sent me the most perfect
birthday mug.  I just love it.

I will enjoy using this year after year.
Perfect for my favorite Starbucks in a bottle.
Thank you Janet.

my pretty decorations by Melissa

my delicious snicker doodle cake made by Carrie

my birthday date with Dylan

This movie is really awesome but not the Jungle Book of my childhood.
I wouldn't recommend it for very young children.  
A few scary parts.

I've already done a few of them and the rest will be scheduled in the next week or so.
I'm looking forward to all the fun things but mostly the time spent with them.

Gratitude List

6.  Time spent with family
7.  I have finally made the decision on Ryan's headstone after many months
of anguishing over every detail and then changing my mind over and over again.
8.  My recheck appt at oral surgeon with great results.
9.  My faithful husband who rubs my head every night, always.
10.  My great nieces and nephews call me on my birthday and singing me
the sweetest version of happy birthday.  All eight of them.


Walt's World Wednesdays

I have had a tradition on my birthday over the past few years to head to Epcot for lunch.

It falls during Flower and Garden and is usually still somewhat cool.

We take a walk around the world a couple of times, have lunch at
Via Napoli, partake in some of our favorite treats and grab a few pictures of
the beautiful flowers.

wearing my party park ears 

My favorites

One of my favorite treats  (and one of their most popular) at Flower and Garden is 
the lavender lemonade.

My birthday lunch at Epcot is a tradition I hope to keep going.

The pictures hardly do justice to how beautiful and bright the flowers are.
It was a very overcast day, threatening to rain the entire time.
However, the rain stay away and it keep it cooler so I won't complain.

I'm looking forward to my next trip around the world.


SUYL Favorite online boutiques

Today I'm joining Kelly of Kelly's Korner for
Today is your favorite online boutiques

I don't have any for women's clothing so I'm looking forward to 
some recommendations in the link ups.

I do however have a few for children's clothing and jewelry.

My favorites for children's clothing are:

Kelly's Kids

One of my favorite products from Kelly's Kids us the 
 boys button up shirts.  I've purchased quite a few and they hold up so well and
come in a great range of colors.
Little boys in monogrammed shirts are the best.
If you can catch their sales, they have been known to go for as low as 9.99
You have to be alert.  They sell out at that price quickly.

Southern Tots

I just purchased these for my grandkids for next Spring at their
after Easter sale.

Smocked Auctions

I bought  both the boy and girl versions this past fall for Christmas
and I was really happy with the quality.  Remember, they begin
to list them for pre-sales in late summer/early fall.
I ordered them at that time and they arrived around the end of the first week in
December.  I personally prefer to have my grandkids Christmas pajamas to gift on
Thanksgiving so keep that in mind when ordering them.

My dream site is Chasing Fireflies

Chasing Fireflies is what little girls (and boys) dreams are made of.
They are quite pricey though.

My favorite jewelry boutiques are:

Victoria Lynn

I was first introduced to Victoria Lynn jewelry by the most lovely boutique
in Mobile Alabama named Marcienme.
They are sold in boutiques and online.

The pictures doesn't do justice to how pretty my earrings are.
My iPhone has an awful camera and I was too lazy to get out my real camera.
I'm one of those people who doesn't tolerate heavy earrings…. at all.
Even though it looks substantial, they really quite light weight and very well made.
It's an aquamarine color.  Love them.
The cost is very reasonable.

If your ever in west Mobile you won't be sorry if you take the time to find this hidden gem.

I'm also really liking the Kendra Scott jewelry but I've never
purchased any of their designs.  If you have, I'd love your opinion.

This is the earring I'm crushing on but not sure which color I like the best.

Also a very reasonable price.

Even though it doesn't quite fit in the children's clothing,  I do have young adults that I like
to shop for and for that I'm loving

Lauren James

Their dresses are oh so southern and I seen a t-shirt or two three that I'd love for myself.

Is this not the most darling dress.  I may know someone who might have to have
this in the future.

And this little gem may have to be mine.
Pearls are alway appropriate.

Thanks for stopping by.  I'm looking forward to your advise on  Women's Online Boutiques.


Thankful Thursdays

I recently read a blog post about quotes or sayings that Christians use.

I for one had used all or at least most of them at one time or another without
thinking about how it may come across to a non-christian or even a christian
who is leaving in very in tragic circumstances.  The words are meant to be comforting but they aren't
necessarily biblically based.

I won't go into the entire post but I will link it below.

What I'm thinking about  today is a saying that I have used both verbally and
in my postings numerous times.  It didn't occur to me until I read the post
how it might make others feel
when someone says they are blessed.  It  could give the impression that God blesses some
people more than others.  For instance does God bless a family
who lives in a beautiful neighborhood in a large home, sends their children to a private school, 
has amazing vacations and elaborate birthday parties/holidays more than
he blesses a poor family in a war torn country who can barely put food on the table
or an orphan who lives on the streets because both parents died of starvation or disease?
What about a child who is in foster care because of drug abuse or molestation in the family?
Of course he doesn't.   God doesn't love some more than others.

Before the past year of  medical issues in my extended family, my granddaughter losing her paternal grandfather and soon after her own father.  And then the tragic and unexpected loss of my precious son,  I was one of those who thought I was leading a blessed life.

What I never thought about was by saying I was blessed, I really meant I was thankful
for my life.  Grateful to have such an easy life without loss.
I'm so very sorry if I said that to someone and it made them feel bad in any way.

I will admit that I have wondered over this past months why God would
do this to me.  Take my child away.  But I know in my heart he didn't do this
to me but he will always be with me until he brings me home.

 I will try to remember not to feel God is blessing me personally when
things are going well.  But being thankful for it.
Honestly that a hard one for me right now.

Several years ago I use to post Multitudes on Mondays.
Somewhere along the line I feel out of the habit.

I'm trying to fight my way back to being thankful again so
this is a challenge to myself.

My Gratitude List

1.  I'm thankful that I got to be Ryan's Mom on earth for 34 years.

Forever my baby boy.

2.  I'm thankful that my husband stayed by my side for 3 days straight while I was
recovering from oral surgery.

3.  I'm thankful that I got to have dinner last night with Gail and we have an afternoon
planned in the near future.  It's been too long.

4.  I'm thankful that my girls are on the road to feeling better now.

5.  I'm thankful that we actually had cool enough days to open our windows and doors 3
times in this past week.  That is something indeed to be grateful for in Florida for the month of April.

As I mentioned before, the Thankful Thursday Posts are for me to work through grief.

If your interested in the post I was referring to earlier
the link is Kelly's Korner Christian Phrases To Avoid


Walt's World Wednesdays

Most of you know I'm pretty much a WDW fanatic fan.

I'm going to begin a little series called
Walt's World Wednesdays
to post about, well pretty much all things Disney.

Beginning with a birthday gift from my own little Mickey (Mike)
that arrived just in time for my annual birthday walk at
Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival (2016)

my Park Party headpiece and coordinating bow bracket in the Monet print
 from Kaitlin Kendall Design's Etsy shop

she has the cutest designs and will work with you on custom orders

I'm hoping for a pretty day for picture taking of their beautiful gardens and flowers.

See you soon


April Fool's Fun

Since my children are grown the days of April Fool's Day pranks
seem long behind me.  And even though I have grandkids, it doesn't usually
turn out that I'm with them on prankster day.

A few years ago I happened to be with Makenzie and Brody on April Fool's and
we made a fun opposite kind of dinner so I thought I'd recreate it
for Dylan because as luck would have it, April 1st fell on his "spend the 
night at Nana's" day.

The original idea came from my go to blogger for all things great to do with kids, the delightful
Amanda from Dixie Delights.  Check out her April Fool's posts for great ideas.

My only problem was I really wanted to use mostly what we had at home so I would call
mine the much less, quick version.  Also, I really wanted the cute funny glasses with attached
 nose that she used but I wasn't able to find them anywhere.  I did find a few 
glasses and clown nose but if you've known me for long you know clowns aren't my thing. 
Overall, I'm happy with the way it turned out considering I threw in together in a couple
of hours.

We had fun place settings and called this our unbirthdays.
We had dessert for dinner and dinner for dessert.
With crazy candles, colorful glasses and grape lemonade.

Dinner was cup cakes (meat loaf and mashed potatoes on top with a little teal food coloring).
Dylan really thought he was having a cup cake until he pulled down the wrapper.
The expression on his face was priceless.
After a lot of convincing for him to try it, he really liked it and ate several.
We also had apples with gummy worms crawling through holes.

For dessert we had dinner.
Hamburgers (cup cakes with a brownie for the meat, green icing for lettuce and
red icing for ketchup).
And of course peas and carrots
(easter color tootsie rolls)

Our crazy lemonade was just lemonade with a few drops of grape juice to give it color.
I wanted to make blue milk but I knew he wouldn't drink it.

Dylan did decided to play a April Fool's Day joke on his Poppy.
At first he tried to tell him his report card was very bad so Poppy would
think that was his joke.  He had a hard time keeping a straight face so Poppy already
knew he was kidding.  But that was actually a ploy for the real joke.
A couple of hours after dinner Dylan told his Poppy he had some mini golden
oreos.  Their favorite and said he would share it Poppy wanted some.
What he didn't tell him was that he had replaced the middle with toothpaste.
The ole' tooth paste/oreo trick.
We got him.  
Although he said it kind of tasted like mint oreos,  he declined having a second serving.

My crazy boys.

I hope your April Fool's Day was filled with at least one joke.

Thanks for joining me today.

SUYL - Beauty Products

Today I'm joining Kelly of Kelly's Korner for her weekly SUYL link ups.

This week is all about beauty products.
Now, I'm the first to admit that makeup is not my forte.  
I've never been particularly good at it and I'm still in search of "the"
eye liner, lip sticks, eye shadows, blush, mascara, shampoos and conditioners that I really like
and want to stick with.  Hopefully I will find what I'm looking for
in all of your posts.  

There are a few things in the beauty realm that are tried and true for me,
worth the cost and I feel like I could really recommend.

This is my all time favorite hand lotion.  I know it's seasonal but
I tend to buy enough to last the year at the after season sales at Williams-Sonoma.
I know scents are specific to each person.
This does make my hands so very soft, has a fragrance that I LOVE and
doesn't leave a greasy residue on your hands.
I also use it on my legs and arms.

The Philosophy 3 in 1
Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath
is one product that I'm willing to pay a little more
for because they smell so incredibly wonderful.
There are to many scents that I love to be able to list them so
I'm posting my tried and true vanilla.
They are gentle on your skin and lasts for quite along time
so I can justify the costs which is about 16.00 a bottle.
I purchased them on QVC which has some great specials,
Sephora, Ulta and their online site.

Most of you I'm sure have tried or heard about Wet Brushes and Combs.
If you haven't tired them, you really are missing out.
A must have in a home with girls.
No more tangles or tears.
I usually buy mine at Target.
Brushes are about 8.99 and Combs are 3.99.

My eyes are sensitive to lotions and scents and this facial
moisturizer is perfect for that.
It is light, doesn't have a greasy feel and leaves your
skin so soft.  I put it directly on my eye lids and has
never irritated my eyes.
I have tried cheaper facial lotions and I always ended
up returning to clinique.
Lesson learned.
It is sold at Sephora, Ulta and all major department stores.

Sunscreen is a necessity when you live in sunny Florida.
I love this Neutrogena Ultra Sheer liquid sunscreen SPF 70.
I apply it after my moisturizer on my face and neck area.
Just steer clear of your eyes.
I buy mine at Walmart Market but I'm sure they carry it in all places that carry
Neutrogena products (i.e.: drug stores, walmart, target and grocery stores). 
 It's somewhere around $10.00 but lasts me at least 3 months of 
daily use.

As I mentioned above, I'm not a poster girl for knowing
how to apply and wear makeup.  If I'm not leaving the house
I don't even bother..  One thing I know for sure, I don't
like the feeling of heavy makeup.
I use this  Revlon Photoready BB cream almost like a cover up for circles under my eyes and 
evening out redness in my face.  It's very light and feels
like I don't have anything on.  I use Light/Pale even though I have a light/medium
skin tone and it works great.  There are also lots of shades to choose from.
And a little goes a long way.  This will last me 4 to 6 months and is under $10.00.
Again, I buy mine at Walmart Market but can be purchased anywhere Revlon is sold.
It's also SPF 30 as an added bonus.

I've been using bareMinerals for years now
and I can't say enough about how much I love it.
I use the Original in Medium Beige and though I feel it's slightly dark
for me now,  I'm not in the sun nearly as much as I was previously.
Next time I'll buy a shade lighter.  I have a large container .08 ounces that 
I bought on QVC  months and months ago because it was a great deal and I still have
quite a bit left.  It was $30.00 if I remember correctly but I'm sure it will last the year.
It can be purchased at major department stores, ultra, sephora and QVC.

After I apply my moisturizer, sunscreen, BB cream and powder, I give my
face a spritz of the elf makeup mist and set.
It truly holds my makeup in place all day.  It seems like it makes
your face wet but will dry in about 30 seconds.  It really works.
I bought mine at Target for $3.00.  So worth it.

I will admit I'm lacking in the diligence department
when it comes to ALWAYS taking my makeup off at night.
I do most nights but am constantly trying to be more consistent.
I love my Clarisonic Mia 2.  I've had it for 2 years and it is probably the 
best purchase I've made for myself ever.
I have very dry skin and it works wonders in keeping
my skin fresh.  Remember I said fresh, not wrinkle free.  
It doesn't perform miracles.  ;)

I use to buy the clarisonic face cleanser but I felt it was just
too expensive and not convenient to purchase in my neighborhood.
I decided to try the elf daily face cleaner and I'm so happy
with the results.  You just need to use a dot on the Mia 2 brush head
and it works great.  I buy it at Target or Walmart Market and the best
part is it's $5.00.  I've had it a month already and I haven't even used half
of the container.  I'm guessing it will last about 3 months.  
Works great, inexpensive and you only use a small amount.

Well, there you have it.  
These are the products I love and will continue to use.  I think they are
worth the cost which is always a standard I like to have on any products I use.

While I'm not the one to give advice about the more traditional beauty items,  I'm hoping to get some great recommendations.

Thanks Kelly for having such great subjects on your SUYL link ups and
thanks everyone for sharing your time and advise to help each other out.