Welcome 2012!

I was looking at the post I made at the beginning of January 2011.  I think I did a "slightly above average" job of accomplishing the changes I wanted to make in myself for the year.  I did fail miserably in one in particular.  Click here to see that list.

This year I've decided to be more specific so that I can hold myself accountable but with the blessed knowledge that I'm forgiven when I fall short.  So here goes, my list of resolutions for 2012.

* Read the entire bible.

* Nuture my relationship with my husband.

* Become more involved at church.

* Eat healthier.

* Exercise more (Goals:  Walk 6 hours a week and bike ride one hour a week.)

* Visit Ethiopia.

* Drink more water.

* Fund raise for a well somewhere in Africa.

* Get more sleep.

* Pray purposefully for my loved ones (family and friends).

* Pray everyday.

* Pray for those in need.

*  Read 12 books.

Attend a Christian Women's Conference. (already scheduled.  Yay!)
                 The Pearl Event II - The Double Strand.

*  Start a business with my husband.

*  Begin to learn the piano.

*  Make more time with my mom.

*  Visit my Dad.

*  Learn to sew.

*  Use my resources (time and money)  to bless others.

*  Join a bible study.

*  Be more organized.

*  Begin to learn another language.

*  Always be an encourager to others.

*  Show my gratitude to others.

*  Eat out less and plan menus.

*  Give more gifts from the heart (homemade).

*  Gift my kids and grandkids with more of my time rather than just gifts themselves.

*  Learn to take better pictures with my camera on settings other that auto and ISO.

I've listed quite alot of resolutions and I'm looking forward to seeing how far I can go.

Have a blessed New Year everyone!

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  1. That IS a lot - resolutions galore. and one of them already scheduled – good for you! All of them worthy – all of them doable – and you made a good choice to make them "quantifiable". Wise. Godspeed in your resolutions – thank you for this post – I hearted it. And God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours Deborah.