Thirty one years ago today.

Thirty one years ago today I became a mom, for the second time, with my one and only son.  I can remember laying in the labor room just praying it would be a boy since I already had a girl.  At the time I thought my family would be done.   It was a relatively short  and easy  not extremely painful labor.  These were the days of natural labor and  no epidurals.   He was a happy, easy and calm little guy who was pretty much a mama's boy (and I mean that in a good way) from day one.  I can honestly say that never once in his entire life has he ever raised his voice or talked back to me.  He has always been a sweet heart .

(1 month)

He was a big boy at 9 lbs 3 ounces.  
 "Matthew Ryan"
His extended family calls him Ryan
His sisters' call him Bubba
In school he went by Matt
His girl friend and her son call him Matthew.

(9 months)

He was alway ready with a smile as a baby.

(2 years)

I can't remember a time in his life (and that includes now)  that he didn't have a book in 
his face.   This is how I would find him most evenings.

(3 years)

He had two favorite stuffed animals.  Sunshine Bear and...


(6 years)

My mom got him this camo outfit on his 6th birthday and he tired
to wear it almost everyday until it literally fell apart  a year and-a-half later.
I must of washed it 200 times.  I truly regret not  keeping it because it was such a part 
of him at this age.

His first fishing trip with his Grandpa in Virginia.

7 years

I look at this picture and it seems like yesterday he was this small.  

(9 years)

This was his mullet and soccer phase.  I loved it.

(14 years)

(18 years)

                                     Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy  young man.
                                                  (They never stop being your baby)

                                                                    thankful for:

                                      527.  my brown eyed baby birthday boy.
                                      528.  my nephew coming over to help celebrate.
                                      529.  Floyd and Ginny flying in to spend a few days with us.
                                      530.  the pastry they brought me back from France (Epcot).
                                      531.  a "smiling" picture of my "first" two favorite boys.
                                      532.  the people God gave me to love.



  1. Congratulations! He is so handsome.

  2. Thank you. This mama's heart thinks so.

  3. Love this format! What a handsome son you have and how wonderful to be able to say the things you have about him. That is truly a blessing.

  4. Thank you. That's sweet of you to say.