Project 2, A Vintage Journal

I completed my second journal project, a vintage journal.  With the theme being "vintage" I decided to honor my maternal grandmother for this project.   She died two weeks after my mom was born so I never knew her but I knew of stories about her.  This picture was taken in 1934 and it's a copy of a copy of a copy ..... so the quality isn't the best.

My grandmother, Grace,  was a very loving women with black curly hair and the most beautiful blue eyes, as the stories go.  My older brother has her eyes and his daughter,
Cindi, resembles her alot.  My grandfather worshiped her and after she died he was never the same.  I know my grandparents were together several years before she was able to have a baby.  She was so very happy to have my mom and it is terribly sad that she died so soon.  To compound that tragedy is that her own mother died in child birth so my mommy was without a mommy or grandmother. 

Grace's legacy:  1 child, 6 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren and 4 great-great-grandchildren (to date).  If she had not been able to have my mom, the large group
of people I cherish as family would not exist.  Thank you God for the incredible gift
of my grandmother.  I know she'll be welcoming us home one day.

Thankful for

514.   my grandmother
515.  a sunny cool morning in florida
516.  the people I work for and with
517.  ice-water from my fridge that tastes better than bottled
518.  a gift tickets to see Les Miserables tonight with my hubby (Thank you Nancy)

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  1. I hope you two have a wonderful time seeing
    Les Miserables tonight.

    I'm glad that I had the sound on to hear "I can only imagine" by Mercy Me.