Multitudes on Mondays


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                      Remembering to be greatful in all things

I'm thankful for:

484.   healing after dealing with the flu, feeling better for a few days
          then having a sore throat for 10 days.         
485.  a much needed visit with my Illinois grandkids at Christmas time.

 486.  a wonderful dinner made by my sweetie and it was awesome.

487.  the 4 hours of snow before it melted.

488.  Paige for her thoughtful gift.  I'm loving the e-course "Creatively
489.  my sister-in-law's quick healing from a burst appendix.
490.  blogging "friends".
491.  politicians who don't stoop to attack ads.
492.  long weekends.
493.  Florida days that are sunny and 60 degrees.
494.  journal writing.
495.  walking in his word.
496.  Dylan's movie night/sleep over last Friday.  Toy Story again.

497.  date night this week.
498.  a granddaughter who stays home to study for mid-terms  over the 
         weekend even though that's the last thing she would like to be doing.

499.  unexpected smiles from strangers.
500.  minors car problems when major ones were expected.
501.  God loving me in spite of myself.       

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  1. A wonderful list of things for which you're grateful, and many of them I can identify with myself as a grandmother. #496 makes me smile...We have sleep over movie nights with our grandkids too...special! Beautiful photos of the snow, but glad I'm not shoveling it!
    Thanks for your visit and comment on Bible Love Notes. Gail