The beginning of a new year......
                                                    The beginning of a new decade......

The beginning of a new kind of life (I mentioned before, my husband medically retired).

In a time when things should be winding down, I'm feeling restless.  A new calling.... A new purpose.....

Let me find the time to look in the eyes and listen (I mean really listen and not listen while
I'm going over a list in my head) to my husband, kids, grandkids, family and friends.

Let me always assume the best and never the worst at first glance......

Let me be generous in volunteering my resources and especially my time to what breaks
Jesus' heart and never let me want anything in return.

Let me be kind  and forgiving to an unkind and unforgivable person.  You never know
what is happening in their life.

Let me spend  time with my loved ones so that they will always know how much they
 mean to me.  Please let me remember to always tell them in words.

Let me be a good example.

Let me be able to discern what God desires for my life and not what I think he
desires (or want him to desire) for my life.  This is especially important as I have a
desire that doesn't seem to be going the way I have prayed for.  If this is not for me,
let me accept it gracefully and open my heart to what I should be doing.

Let me be diligent in my prayers for Dege.  Let me do all I can to help him
(and the other children at Trees of  Glory) with their needs, but more importantly,
let me help them to know that they are special and loved.

Let me spoil my grandkids and nieces and nephews with time instead of by material
 things ( this is a hard one).
Let me do what I can to change the life of someone in need.

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."-Heather Cortez


  1. Love this. If we all lived like this-what a better world it would be.

  2. Deborah, just getting around to visiting. I saw where you had joined in reading my journal. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts about change. Discerning what HE would have us to do, seems to be overwhelming at times. But, HE is longing to show us - if we will only still ourselves & ask.