My first two favorite boys!

I have to take a little walk down memory lane because at a recent family party
I was able to capture of picture of my son and nephew smiling.  For those
familiar with these two, getting them both just to have their
picture taken, much less both (kinda) smiling at the same time is quite the feat.

I decided to go back and find old pictures of the two of them as they were growing up.  
(Excuse the poor quality)

18 months

6 years

7 years

11 years

31 years.

thankful for:

541.  smiling boys
542.  needed phone calls
543.  left overs
544.  Created 4 Care conference
545.  my husband getting a much needed nap
546.  Floyd and Ginny arriving home safely.

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  1. #541 is a good one! I have boys and it's always fun to watch them laugh and smile.