Word of the Year

My word of the year is "Thankful". (thangk'fel) adj.  Showing or feeling gratitude:
greatful.  To express one's thanks to.  To give credit. 

I really began focusing on this word last year when I began participating in "Multitudes on Mondays".  I'm continuing this year by not only listing my gratitudes my making sure I show how thankful I am specifically to the giver.  Not just the giver of gifts but of kind words, services, a smile, a gesture ....    How many times have I thought back to a kind gesture or services with a smile, yet not spoken or written those words of gratitude to the giver.   A teacher who went out of her way to make you or your children feel
special, a kind neighbor who always has a wave or smile, the brewtista who welcomes you by name, the kind, elderly gentleman who always insists on walking your groceries out to the car.

I'll begin by making sure all my Christmas thank-you cards are mailed (some of mine
are a bit late going out) and my goal is to continue in everyday happenings.

And just because I hate to have a post without a picture, I'm thankful  for this funny sweet face.

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  1. Thankful... always a good word.

    And I agree about posts with pictures, and that is a seriously cute one!