Cinco de Mayo

Usually we celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a small dinner at home and a bit of decor.
This year I haven't had it in me to do much celebrating
so we decided to hop over to Epcot for another afternoon of the Flower and Garden Celebration.
It was a beautiful day, alternating sunny and overcast moments, breezy and
not a particularly humid day or overly hot afternoon.  You can't ask for more than that in our
Florida May weather.

We enjoyed the Flowers one more time, had Mexican food of course
and just had a casual stroll around the lands.

As always we begin our stroll with a little Starbucks frappe
to keep us cool.

I may or may not require Mike to be a random Disney Character much to his dismay.
He "tries" to be a good sport.

Of course being Cinco de Mayo, it requires that we eat authentic
Mexican Food.  We had a sweet cast member from Mexico ask us why we
celebrated Cinco de Mayo in America.  Being a fan of history,  I told him I understood the historical reason behind it but that I was pretty sure most of us celebrate it as a way to enjoy 
delicious Mexican food and margaritas.  He laughed and told us that
that's basically true in Mexico too but he was amazed and appreciated that
Americans honored it also.

After lunch we took a boat ride through "Mexico".

I don't know why we never thought to visit "Mexico" for Cinco de Mayo 
before but we had a fun relaxing afternoon and I hope for it to become a tradition.


On a separate note, I have been to Epcot's Flower and Garden Celebrations several
times this year and somehow I never took notice of the Jungle Book sand sculpture.
Jungle Book was one of my favorite animated Disney movies as a child 
and I love the Movie release in April. 

Isn't this awesome.  Disney does it again.

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