My favorite way to shop.

I've started a new tradition with my oldest granddaughter that
I hope continues for years to come.

She's a very busy young lady with college, a part time job, a serious boyfriend
and her girl friends all of which keep her busy.  It seems like the only 
time I see her is during family get togethers which leave little time for 
many heart to heart talks.

So we are making an effort to take a day every month or two and 
go out for coffee, shopping and lunch.
A day for just the two of us.

We have a great time.  We actually like all the same stores. 
More so than anyone else I know.

Lilly, Kate Spade, Pottery Barn, Bath and Body Works, Michael Khors,
Anthropologie, Pandora, Williams Sonoma, Vineyard Vine etc.

Our favorite mall recently opened a Lilly Pultizer.

I just love their dressing rooms.  I wish I could have the wall paper for my closet
but they don't sell it.  I know because I asked.  Ha.

I had so much fun watching her try on clothes.
She looked so darling in them.
In case your wondering why I'm taking pictures, 
I just had to document her first Lilly clothing item.
She's had numerous Lilly products:
planner, candles, jewelry, cooler beach bag, cup etc
but never clothes.
And it's absolutely adorable.

And we just found out that Disney Springs is opening a Lilly Pulitzer all their own.
Not to mention Kate Spade, Alex and Ani and Sprinkles Cupcakes.
All with Disney themed items.  
Taylor happens to have a love of Disney also.
I think I know where our next date will be.

Love you Taylor girl.  Thanks for still wanting to spend time with your old grandmother.

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