Saturday Morning Soccer

Soccer came to a season end today.

This has been a season for learning what good sportsmanship is all about.

He has such  fantastic coaches that he's had 3 seasons.  Unfortunately
he will be moving up an age division and will be on a different team.
The coaches have been very good about teaching teamwork and encouraging
them on trying instead of results.  I know that's not what a lot of people go for
but at this young age Kindergarten and First Grade it's how I prefer it.

The first season everyone was new and were just learning so they pretty much
lost every game.  By their second season they had learned to play well together and 
won all their games.  The coach decided to move them up in skill level 
and this season they lost most of their games again.  The teams they played 
were much harder to beat.  That's how you learn.

I'm gonna miss these sweet faces

They played hard but lost their final game.

And I had to add this picture to remember this season of his little life and how
learning to lose well became an important lesson that we are working on.

It was short lived as after the game they had a end of the season party at the sprinkler park
across the street.  It's amazing what cool water and horsing around on
a hot day can do to lift your spirits.

Thanks to all you coaches out there who dedicate your time to invest in
these young lives and teach them lessons that they have for a lifetime.

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