Science Fair

There is nothing more fun or busy than the end of the year programs that come 
along with school.  I loved them when my children were small and I love them now
when I get to attend my grandkids.  This past month I've had the opportunity to
go to a science fair, a scout award ceremony and a ballet recital.
My cup runneth over.

Dylan is in first grade and this year was able to participate in
the science fair.  His mom, my eldest daughter, is all about the projects.
This is one however that she "mostly" let him pick and do himself.

1.  They had to choose the experiment 
(thank you google and you tube for your millions of ideas)
2.   Formulate a question
3.  Have a hypothesis of what they think will happen
4.  Find the conclusion
5. List materials and procedures used
6. Present a journal in a step by step fashion with photo documentation

He choose Rainbow In A Jar

One of my favorite smiles in the world

We are very proud of you Dylan for all your hard work. 

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