This is the first year Dylan participated in scouts.
This particular troop requires that the Dads are involved in all the meetings.
They take turns organizing the projects and being
the leader at their Tuesday night meetings.

 I suppose that would make his dad's (Randy) first year also.
I applaud the leaders who put in hours of their time each week and
the Dad's who after a long busy work day attend the
meetings with a group of "active and energetic" boys and give up weekends for out door
scouting activities.  

In first grade you are a Tiger Scout.
They went camping, sold popcorn, had car races, earned 
patches, participated in community service and had all around fun.

At the end of the year they have a cross over ceremony to move up to the next level.
Bear Scouts.

The boys showing their new patches.

And after they cross over the bridge the become Bears.

I know they are looking forward to another adventurous, fun and crazy busy
scouting year.

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