My Favorite People Call Me Nana (MFPCMN) Fun Friday Edition

I decided to begin posting "My Favorite People Call Me Nana" to show some of the fun things I do
with the grandkids (nieces/nephews/etc) and how with just a little prep and small budget
you can make everyday activities into memorable fun times for you and your grandkids.

I made my first post in March and thought I would do a weekly post.
…….best laid plans…..


When I get the opportunity, I like to have the grandkids over on Fridays for 
sleepovers.  That's pretty much impossible for my Illinois grandkids so we make the most 
of the time we get together trying to cram everything into a visit that we possibly can.

My eldest granddaughter spent practically every Friday night with me
from the time she was born until the month she began high school.
When you're a cheerleader, football games trump your grandparents.  sigh….

As it just so happens that was the exact time Dylan turned two so he picked up 
her Friday nights.  He loves movies and I'm schooling him in the art of loving
Disney movies.

We decided to do  a Lady and the Tramp disney movie night.

I hadn't seen the movie since my kids were young and I thought we
had at least a VHS copy but we didn't.  It's not available for purchase at the stores
so my sweet husband got on Ebay and ordered a new in the unopened box
Platinum Edition DVD for 8.99/no shipping.

I decided to make a meal reenacting their Italian dinner scene. Most of the ingredients
we already had on hand.  I bought red and white checked napkins 
and plastic table cloth at Party City for a few dollars and the Little Golden Book
at Barnes and Nobles for 3 or 4 dollars so we would have it to read as a bedtime 
story afterwards.  
For every thing, including the ingredients to make a few cupcakes, paper products,
DVD and book, I don't think I spent more than 20 dollars.

My inspiration for picking this movie theme was my favorite exhibit at
the Epcot Flower and Garden.

After dinner our plans are to watch the movie, paint or color the picture
and read the story before bed.

I'd like to point out that the frosting looked better when I made these last week.
 I picked Dylan up from school last week and he was not feeling well.
He decided he wanted to be home with his Mom.

  I had already made the dinner with the exception of the 
salad and garlic bread so I just put everything straight in the freezer and it held
up well.  The icing seemed to somewhat blend together but you can still make
out the white "spaghetti" icing.  It tasted fine.
The "meatballs" are malted milk balls.

I think it was a hit because he's wondering aloud what our
next family movie night will be.

Thanks for joining us.

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