Still Waiting

   ******* The girls have been sponsored.   *******

               There are still about 10 kids at Fond Blanc that need families, visit                  
                         http://fondlyblanc.wordpress.com/ to learn more.

My niece, Jessica, along with her small group from church are finding sponsors for a number of children at Fond Blanc in Haiti.  Sponsors have been found for all but two girl.  Sisters Kerline and Mouncheca.

Every day, these sweet sisters struggle for the basics. Each day, they wake up without the security of basic necessities like food.  The pastor who takes care of them along with 40 other orphaned children told Jessica that they usually only have enough food for one meal a day.  They are very greatful for that one meal because somedays there is
just not enough money and their one meal consists of sugar water and a piece of bread.

Please visit Jessica's blog to find out more about Fond Blanc and these two sisters.

For those of you who have access to any type of social media, please consider passing
this along.

If you would like to consider sponsoring one or both sisters, you can email Jessica
directly at jirvin79@gmail.com.

I know many of you out there may not be in the position to act right now because times are hard.  Then please take the time today to pray that someone will step up for these two girls.  Tomorrow their names go back without sponsorship.


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  1. Thanks for posting--these two girls have now found a sponsor family. There are still about 10 kids at Fond Blanc that need families, visit http://fondlyblanc.wordpress.com/ to learn more.