Project 4, A Portrait

I've just finished Project 4, which brings to an end Week 2 in my  Creatively Made online class.  I'm so greatful that we have about 3 months to finish a four week course because I'm behind.   This project
was a portrait using mixed media.  I used  a 12 x 12 canvas, white and clear gesso, graphite pencils, acrylic paints, antiquing stain, chalk pencils and the flowers I got online.  Next time I do one similar to this I will definitely cut out most of the dark green leaves.  I'm not thrilled about how that came out but I guess that the object.  Trail and error.   Any way, for the most part, I'm happy with the end result.
                                                                        Meet Grace.


It's been a relaxing weekend that is coming to quickly to an end.

Ryan gifted Mike with a ticket to join him at Megacom Saturday afternoon.
This is the second year he has joined Ryan.  For those of you
who don't know what that is, it's a convention for all things,
Super Heros, Star Trek, Star Wars, Zombies, comics etc.
If you've ever seen The Big Bang Theory, then you pretty much get the idea.
Mike really enjoyed the time with Ryan and Austin (Amber's son).
Below are a few of the pictures that I'm willing to post.


Dylan popped by on the way home from his Valentine Party at preschool
to show my his face painting.  His crocodile.  

Thankful for:

586.  girl scout thin mint cookies.
587.  a relaxing weekend.
588.  laundry washed, folded and put away.
589.  several long walks with Mike.
590.  crocodiles.
591.  being at peace about job decisions.
592.  a little time shopping with Melissa this weekend.
593.  hot chocolate.
594.  days without needing air-conditioning.
595.  the cardinal that flies around our house.
596.  Kobe, who sits at the window looking for Mike when he goes outside.
597.  conventions for boys.
598.  time alone to work on an art project.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Ha! I love that phrase: a few of the pictures I'm willing to post!