Making a difference

Last week we received a letter (and Christmas card) from Muri, our little girl at Trees of Glory.  We are so excited to get these little updates from her letting us know how she's doing. 

There is a portion of the letter that gives them the opportunity to ask us a question.
Her question was "I am eager to see you in person".   Basically, when are you coming?
I am so hopeful to go this year.  I'm praying daily for God to give me the courage (I hate flying, much less flying for 20 some hours over oceans) and resources (I will no longer be working as of the end of March) to do this.  But I'm feeling more encouraged all the time that it will all work out.  Her request only encourages me more.

Her prayer request is for us "pray to God for her that she will be a good student". 

She's pretty young so there's usually not much writing but she always draws us a little picture at the bottom. I have to say, she is really quite good to just be 6.

We have the opportunity a few times a year to send a small care package whenever
a group goes over to help at Trees of Glory and Kind Hearts (the care points from Children's Hope Chest).  Below are a couple of pictures from November when Karen Wistrom (sponsor co-ordinator) and a group were last there.  This is Karen's sweet daughter giving our precious Muri her little care package. 

Because there is so many children, we have to condense our little packages into what you can fit in a quart or sometimes gallon size baggie.  That is so hard because you want to get them so many things that you're sure that would just love or more importantly need.  But it turns out what they want most are pictures of their sponsor family.  Well, that and underwear. 

It makes all the difference just knowing someone out there cares about them, prays for them and loves them.  These are God's precious children.  I cannot stress enough how blessed we are having Muri in our lives. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact Karen Wistrom  at kjwistrom@yahoo.com . At the moment, every child is sponsored, but there will be more children enrolling soon and she will then contact you immediately to match you with a child who needs a sponsor family.

Other opportunities:

My niece, Jessica's small group at church have the opportunity to help find sponsors for a care point in Haiti called Fond Blanc.   This is also through Children's Hope Chest.  We all know of the great need in Haiti and this is certainly alot closer for those of you who would  want to go over for a visit one day.  If you interested in finding out more information on sponsoring a child in Haiti, read her blog post:

*Sponsoring a child is a great way to help an individual child by ensuring that their basic needs (food, clothing and medical care) are being met and that they have the incredible opportunity to get an education! As we all know, education is the key to a life of opportunity instead of a life trapped in grinding poverty. An education gives these kids a chance to grow up and become the future leaders of their country! 

*You will also get the opportunity to send a small care package a few times a year and  write your child though email once a month.

* Going on a mission trip or participating in fund raisers for projects are also great opportunities but not required.

Below are a list of links where there is an opportunity to sponsor children.  We sponsor  through Children's Hope Chest but the other three have very good reputations.

Children's Hope Chest

Wiphan {Widows and Orphans}

Pearl River Outreach

Eagle's Nest

Have a blessed day and remember to add me to your prayer list if you remember to help me with my courage issue.   (I think that makes me sound like the cowardly lion in  Oz).  ha!

                                                          Thankful for:

                                                          567.  Muri
                                     568.  my sweetie bringing me lunch to work
                                                569.  much needed rain
                                        570.  my playlist playing Amazing Grace


  1. Very sweet pictures! It is such a blessing to give to others who have so little and appreciate things so much more than we who have so much. Thanks so much for sharing this sweet post on Bless a Blogger. I'm praying for you, your fear of flying, and your financial situation. May God's will be done in regard to your trip to see Muri. And may God bless you as you minister through your blog.
    Bless You!

  2. Hi Deborah~ Your sweet Muri is beautiful! She is also very talented. Lovely picture that she drew for you. I will be praying for you...for peace to pour over you as you get closer to traveling. I don't like to fly either. I'm looking forward to following along on your journey and getting to know you better. With Joy~ Beth