Project 5 and Wound Honey

I decided to practice with a little project while I'm waiting on some
supplies for week three and four of the class.  I wasn't happy with the way
decoupage flowers were turning out so I think I'm going to try to draw and paint
them in on my next project.  I decided to practice just doing flowers. 
It reminded me of Gail (SIL) so it made it's way to her house.
She's always loved the color orange and now I do too.

Also, I want to give a big thank you to Jennifer Kindle of The Kindle Crew
She had a giveaway for Wound Honey and I was the lucky winner. 

Wound Honey is a 100 % natural from New Zealand. It has anti-bacterial properties
that aid in the healing of wounds, cuts, burns and even MRSA infected wounds.
It also soothes pain.  
I'm almost looking forward to getting a cut to see how it works.

Thanks so much Jennnifer.  
Click on her link above to check out her very popular blog.  
She's very inspiring. 

You can find out more about Wound Honey on this link.

Thankful for:

599.  GNO to celebrate birthdays.
600.  22 years of girls night out with the same "girls".
601.  Mrs. LeBreton is doing okay.
602.  the color orange.
603.  water.
604.  women brave enough to share their story to help others.
605.  my new tube of wound honey.


  1. Hi Deborah -
    I Love GNO birthdays too - you have us beat - we are on year 16. I can't wait for Pearls and Grace.....see you Friday night :) yay

    1. I only have you beat because I'm alot older. ha. I can't wait either. See you there. yay!!!!!!!!

  2. oh sister, no you are not! I've got a BIG birthday this year :) see you very soon - look for me Friday night - I'm going alone all the way from Florida and know no one - LOL. I'm a brave girl :)

  3. Deborah-Wanted to stop by and say Hi! I will be attending The Pearl Event next weekend too! Two of my dear friends are coming with me and we are prepared to be blessed. Hope to meet you. Maybe we can become blog buddies. Absolutely love the song playing on your blog as I type this. Also, I will be ordering some of the wound honey very soon. Thanks for introducing it to me. See you next week!