Project 3, Canvas on Vintage Hardware (minus the hardware) & Multitudes on Mondays

The third project in the Creatively Made class was a 4" x 4" canvas on vintage hardware.  I had a hard time finding the hardware in the project so I decided to just do the canvas.  The object was to draw a person on a canvas done with mixed media.  I drew her free hand and I think my main problem is not knowing when to stop.   I'm not satisfied with her features or shadowing in the neck but all-in-all, I think I'll keep her.

                                                                Meet Joy....

Joining Ann Voskamp 1000 gifts.

           Hope you'll visit. Just click on Multitudes on Mondays picture above.
                                   Remembering to be greatful in all things

Thankful for:

557.  the eye opening sermon and awesome music this morning.
558.  lunch out with my sweetie afterwards.
559.  a sweet letter from Muri.
560.  an opportunity to serve.
561.  laundry washed, folded and put away for the week.
562.  time to work on my art today.
563.  a clean dog.
564.  a project done for Valentine's Day.
565.  a hug from my sweet great-nephew.
566.  baptisms and dedications at church today.

                                               What are you thankful for?

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