Other Plans

When Dylan was here for a sleep-over on Friday I decided we'd try a little photo shoot to make  a special Valentine for Mommy.  After trying to pose him with my valentine blocks, it soon became apparent
that he had other plans for what he thought his valentine should look like.  So he began to "stage" his
own picture.

And as you can tell by the look on his face, he was very happy with his end result.

What's  a valentine without Zurg, good and bad Buzz and Davy Jones.

The picture below is what I originally had in mind.  After 1.. or 2.. or 25.. takes, I finally
got one with him looking at the camera.  But you know what, I believe
Dylan was right.  The pictures above are most definitely him. 


In honor of Valentines Day, we had to have a sweet pick for movie night and 
what could be better for our Charlie Brown loving grandson than
the CB Valentine Special.

This is how these two can been found on most any movie night.

Hope you're all having a fun filled,  family loving Valentine's month.


Thankful for:

547.  brother's who drops everything to help is baby sister.
548.  feeling at peace with life changing plans.
549.  GNO's with my best friends.
550.  Bang, Bang shrimp.
551.  an afternoon with our oldest granddaughter.
552.  teenage girls who still love Disney Princess movie marathons.
553.  a husband who did all of our floors.
554.  a church that cares more about living God's word than having the nicest, biggest building.
555.  coconut gelato.
556.  the week full of beautiful Florida days.

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