Multitudes on Mondays

                               Joining Ann Voskamp for her multitude on mondays. Hope you'll join.

                              Remembering to be greatful in all things
April 23
#81  a beautiful afternoon for an Easter Egg hunt.
#82  for Ryan getting a haircut just because his mom asked him to.
#83  pottery shops to take grandsons so the can paint an easter egg.
#84  the sound of the neighborhood kids playing outside.
#85  the plan God placed in my heart.
April 24
#86  Resurrection Day.
#87  young teenagers who still love to easter egg hunt with the little guys.
#88  a simple Easter dinner with my extended family.
#89  beautiful weather for Easter.
#90  homemade banana pudding (still warm).

April 25
#90  the ways that God lets me know when I'm not where I need to be.
#91  ibuprofen.
#92  four totally different and perfect (to me) grandchildren.
#93  roasted vegetables.
#95  music of praise.

April 26
#96  my work day going very fast.
#97  sleeping babies.
#98  a heart for widows and orphans.
#99  rain.

April 27
#100  my moms birthday.
#101  dinner out with my family to celebrate.
#102  forgiveness.
#103  left over pastel hershey kisses.
#104  all  of my husbands hard work in our yard to make it beautiful.

April 28
#105  warm towels after a shower.
#106  an easy drive home from work.
#107  having a boss who lets Thursday being my Friday (end of work week).
#108  going out to dinner with my husband.
#109  baby boys in overalls.

April 29
#110   a beautiful day to swim with Dylan.
#111   the birds nest you can see from our pool that gave us beautiful music to enjoy.
#112   nieces playing soccer  on a breezy evening.
#113   an evening spent watching  Dylan and our neighbors dog, Lilly, playing football together.

April 30
#114 that they still make movies you can take your granddaughter and her bestie to.  (Soul Surfer)

May 1
#114  stuffed blueberry french toast from Mimi's Cafe and then a Sunday drive with my sweetie.
#115  sunshine.
#116  having all my laundry washed, folded, hung and put away.

May 2
#117  my sister's birthday.
#118  our military and a very greatful nation.
#119  brave little girls who ride  horses at the circus.

                                          What are you thankful for

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  1. great list! grandkids must be such a gift! would you pray for my mom and mother in law- as we take all their grandbabies to Uganda in a couple weeks? Thank you! blessings!