Remember When.....

We're (and when I say we, I mean Mike)  in the process of repainting the  inside of our house room by room and changing out photo frames.  Going through the pictures, I'm trying to choose "just the right ones" to display.  I've always wanted to create special photo albums of all my kids and grandkids and as of today, well lets just say I'm getting nowhere fast.  That's one of the reasons I love blogging.   I get to journal through words and pictures what's happening in my life with my family.  It's so great to have practically "live time" moments permanently displayed with the touch of a button.  I wish I had been able to do that with my kids when they were growing up the way I am able to do now with my grandkids. 

Going through pictures I came across a photo of my son when he was three.  It's not special because he was dressed in a nice outfit (obviously not).  It's not special because we were at an important place or event. But it is special to me because this "outfit" at the age of three was what he LOVED to dress in.  Under Roos (remember those) and cowboy boots.  If I would of let him, he would have worn them everywhere, including church.  I remember thinking that "I COULD NOT WAIT" until he grew out of that stage, they wore out or he grew out of them.

................... now, what I wouldn't give to have my little boy run around the house in his under roos and cowboy boots.

(Thank goodness for scanners.  My new best friend)

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