Sweet Conversations

I got a phone call last night from Makenzie.  We had a very long conversation. 

I miss you Nana. 
I'm coming to Florida soon. 
Will you play kitchen with me?
Will Poppy play kitchen with me?
Can I see my cousins when I come down?
Will Caroline play kitchen with me?            (Apparently she wants to play kitchen alot)
I can't wait for my birthday party?
Will you take me swimming everyday?
Can my cousins go swimming with me everyday?
Will you and Poppy take me in the pool and hold my hand and go all over the pool?
Brody can't go in the pool.
Brody can go in the pool if Mommy and Daddy hold him.
Nana, Brody can't swim.
I can swim if I have my duck swimmy on.
Do you have a duck swimmy?  (I told her I had a fish swimmy)
Mommy, I need to take my duck swimmy to Florida.  Nana only has a fish swimmy.
Dylan can use the fish swimmy.  He's a boy.
I miss you Nana.
Can I talk to Poppy.  (She then has a long conversation with Poppy then asked for me again)
Nana, I had fun with Reilly today at school. 
Nana, Brody tries to scratch me and pull my hair sometimes (Brody is 11 months old)
I can make Brody laugh.   Watch Nana   (as she holds her mom's phone out)
Are you watching Nana?
I can read 30 to 40 words.
My mom says I can read 50 words.
Daddy is at work.
Watch me make Brody laugh.                                                         
Are you watching Nana?
I had Chicken Noodle soup for dinner.
I make cupcakes and fruit salad with my mom sometimes.
Are you done doing the dishes?
I miss you Nana.

Just had to write down this moment of sweetness with Makenzie.

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