Multitudes on Mondays

                        Joining Ann Voskamp for her Multitude on Mondays. Hope you'll join.

                                 Remembering to be greatful in all things

#133        conversations on the phone with  granddaughters

#134        a fun day at the park, pool and having a picnic with D
#135        successful test results in school for T
#136        the beautiful hour sitting on the beach listening to the waves (even though it rain
                the entire ride there and back)
#137        finding a new church that we really feel at home in
#138        a visit with my mom
#139        that the message on Sunday's sermon spoke directly to me and where I am in my life
#140        that the message on Sunday's sermon spoke directly to Mike and where he is in his life
                (even though we heard the same words it took the form of different messages)
#141        a successful shuttle launch
#142        the hard working staff at Trees of Glory
#143        words of love, blankets and bookshelves that will soon be on the way to the children at
                Trees of Glory (thanks to sponsor families and donations)
#144        Jessica, Gail and Judy for making the journey to deliver the items
#145        the lovely Africa t-shirt from my niece and her family.  LOVE IT!!
#146        all the things my husband does for me just because
#147        my sweet son who calls just to say "Hi Mom, I Love You"
#148        sunshine with a breeze in the air
#149        our yellow lab, Koby (even though he licks and  sheds everywhere)
#150        take out pizza when I don't feel like cooking
#151        monthly dinners with my best girl friends         
#152        faith
#153        clean sheets
#154        when Mike makes me his famous (and sweet) homemade lemonade
#155        for babies learning to walk


                                           What are you thankful for?


  1. Happy Monday... enjoyed your list :) #136 sounds just heavenly!

  2. So many on your list that I can relate to!! Sermons that speak directly to me, sons that call just to say 'I love you', though mine are not gone yet, faith, babies learning to walk, and oooh, I love clean sheets more than a lot of things!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I am glad for then I knew to stop by yours. Blessings to you!!!!!

  3. Also celebrating #141 and looking forward to my beach trip this summer!

  4. #153 - Love that! I of course love all blessings from the Lord! My post today was about Sundays sermon and tying it in to our sacrifice bringing joy.

  5. I am also thankful for family and sermons that speak to me. The pictures of your grandchildren are precious :)

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog - that was a nice surprise! It sounds like you are enjoy grandmother-hood as much as I am :) And I love it when our son calls too. May your week be filled with His presence and His joy!

  7. Thankful for your visit to my blog. Glad you found a church to call home for this season.

    Blessings and joy!