Friday Find and a Happy Birthday

My find today turned out to be something I hadn't realized I've been missing.  Don't know how many of you are coupon users.   Mike is the coupon King.  Me, not so much.  I use retail coupons for Kohls, Gymboree, Hallmark, etc but I've never really put in the time for groceries.  One of the reasons would probably be the large straight edge folders Mike keeps them in.  Too big... too much trouble... too uncomfortable to carry in...  Not a real good reason?

Well, I was in Target and found a very well made way to get my organization on with the whole 
coupon business.

Aren't they cute!

As you may of guessed, mine's the pink one.

And what do you ask is so great about it?

*  It's definitely well made *

* Has 13 compartments (I would never need more than that) *

* Great size   (about 4" by 8") *

* Did I mention it comes in Pink *
(also green, blue and black)

And the best part is I found it at Target in the dollar section

That's right    $ 1.00


Also, I want to send out a  Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Can't wait for our celebration on Sunday.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mom.

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