Random Thoughts

                                                         Random Thoughts

1.   The best thing about facebook is all the well wishes you get on your birthday.  Love that!

2.  It's my birthday today.  Church, lunch out, beautiful sunny, breezy weather and a lazy day.  
      Love that!

3.  Spending a few hours on the beach for the first time this year and documenting it on 
      instagram.  Love instagram!

4.   Having my whole family together for  a simple Easter Brunch.  I Love that!

5.  I love reading childrens' books to my grandkids and nieces and nephews while they all
     try to pile in my lap.   I Love that!

6.   After  two weeks of being retired, I've found that I Love Being Retired!

7.   I'm beginning a new on-line class tomorrow so I realize I need to buckle down and finish
      the first on-line art class and do the lessons "I'm not so interested in" instead of just repeating
      the ones I really like.    I don't love that I've been procrastinating but I have loved the art class
      and I can't wait to begin the new class teaching the business aspect of art.

8.  I've visited my parents twice this weekend for a  couple of hours each time.  I made the time
     to do it instead of "being too busy with life".    I loved the two visits in one weekend!

9.  My  15 year old granddaughter was telling several family members about a conversation her first 
     boyfriend and she were having at sports practice.  She was hot, sweaty, her hair was a mess
     and someone asked her if she was embarrassed to see him to see her like that.   She said, without
     missing a beat,  "If he can't handle me at my worse, he doesn't deserve me at my best".  
     I Love that!   Not only do I love that, I wish I was like her when I was 15.  

10.  My Illinois granddaughter took my face in her hands last weekend and told me, "I really
       really miss you Nana.   I loved that and I really really miss her too.

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