How quickly time gets away from me

I know life can become busy and time gets away from you no matter what your best intentions are.
Even though I'm no longer Catholic I still try to make a commitment for Lent.  I've always believed in the principle of giving up something (a small sacrifice) to honor  the sacrifice Jesus made for us.  However, my follow through is not always what it should be.   I decided this year to give up soda (diet and regular), fast food and all forms of ice-cream.  For anyone who knows me, this would be very difficult for me, especially soda.  Well, I did it.  After the first few days it wasn't too bad.

I also decided to purge and give away 40 bags of "stuff" from my house.  This is where I fell short.  I just couldn't seem to find the time to complete it before Easter.  But I also am familiar with the saying "better late than never".  This is on my to do list for next week.

Every holiday we try to add a few things to our decorations.  Mike always says it's for the grandkids, but I think we like it a little more than we should.   As I was about to put away the Easter decorations,  I realized that I never got around to posting pictures. (all part of time getting away from me)

I'm like the brighter colors for Easter now so I made an new banner.
(Please disregard my Christmas dishes in the china cabinet.  Another thing I've put off)

Mike's been wanting these bunnies for a few years 
and he finally got them at World Market.  They are really sweet.


I'm sure many of you have heard of  Ashley from Lil Blue Boo.
She is a very successful entrepreneur and blogger  who
 chronicles her battle with cancer with humor and inspiration.
Well, not only do I have to honor of reading her blog, but I won
an awesome giveaway she had.

Every person’s skin is different. BeautyMint’s philosophy embraces that simple fact. Jessica Simpson has teamed with celebrity skin care expert Nerida Joy to bring you a skin care system that combines the right products in the right way – specifically for you. We believe that personalization is the key to gorgeous, glowing and youthful-looking skin.
(The above information is from Ashley's blog)

I have very fair and dry skin and I've seen a difference in just a few uses.  I look forward
to looking like Jessica Simpson soon.  Ha!!


Thankful for:

653.  an afternoon at the beach.
654.  the entire family being together.
655.  a pedicure with Kelly and Makenzie (her first) for my birthday.
656.  easter egg hunts.
657.  banana pudding.
658.  beautiful breezy sunny days.
659.  my nieces and nephews.
660.  time with my parents.
661.  a pottery outing with Melissa, Taylor and Dylan for my birthday.

662.   park slides.
663.   a lunch outing with Gail.
664.  facebook birthday wishes.
665.  my online business class.
666.   great church sermons.
667.  laundry done for the week (and it's only Tuesday).
668.   getting over a cold in one day.
669.  a visit from my Illinois grandbabies.

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