Easter 2012 (Part 2)

III.  Easter at Mom's House

We always have dinner and an egg hunt at my mom's in the evening on Easter Sunday.  There's about 45 of us.   We have 6 birthdays in our family on or around Easter.  Hunter's the youngest of  the birthday group so we usually try to do a little cake and "make" him stand by it so we can sing happy birthday to everyone. He's a really good sport.  You can see how much he likes the attention. ha.
Of course we also have banana pudding and strawberry shortcake.   Can't have Easter without that.

            This is the first year none of the grandkids (just the three little great-grandkids) egg hunted.

We only had to hide 24 eggs.  We usually hide more than 200.
I only took a few pictures to document it.  Frankly
I was just too tired.  But I'm glad I did.

IV.  Park, Pizza & Cupcakes

Since Kelly and the kids were heading back Wednesday morning we wanted to get in 
one more celebration.  The weather has been so beautiful we decided to go to the
park and picnic on pizza and cup cakes in honor of mine and Kelly's birthday.

Kelly, Makenzie and Brody

Brody spent most of the evening sliding.

After a while on the "baby slides" he was ready for the big kid slide.

And he loved it.

Taylor and Makenzie

Makenzie and Clifford

Makenzie loves to swing.  You can't push it high enough for her.

Not sure about this slide at first but after going down she was  ready to ride with her brother.


Now Dylan on the other hand (despite the happy boy you see above) doesn't care for the swing.

                                                            But he is such a monkey.

 He prefers to go down the slide the "dangerous" way.

Happy Birthday Kelly.  I know how you like "fancy" parties.

Makenzie, Kelly, Brody, my Mom (Nanny) and Dylan

It was so great for our family to be together for the Easter holidays.
I hope your family was as blessed.

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