I was thinking about how grateful I am today.  It has been a really great month.  A month long celebration.  Retiring, Easter, lots of get-togethers with family and friends, out of town visitors, several lunches out with friends, a pedicure, a pottery night, birthday GNO,  art show, dinner out and two afternoons at the beach with Mike.  Since my mom's birthday is tomorrow, I believe it's time to bring my birthday month to a close.  It's been wonderful and I'm grateful that so many people took the time to make it special for me.
                                                                 I'm grateful for:

my birthday wishes

 the candle set (battery operated) from Debbie

the beautiful cake plate and candle holder from Melissa 
So cute 

a new apron handmade by Kathie
aren't the colors great

 the coasters above that I made when Melissa and
the kids took me out for a pottery night, 
the picture frame I decoupaged above,
the beautiful girl inside the frame

the gorgeous spring weather we've had this week
we were actually able to turn off the air,
open the windows (which is pretty much unheard of in late April)
and grilling out for the first time this year because of 
the beautiful spring weather

the first grilled dinner of the year

I'm grateful for the art book from Carrie which is
going to be so helpful to me.  And the pedicure at the spa
with Kelly and Makenzie.   It was such a special time together.
(no pictures available)

I still have one birthday gift coming.  With money from and parents and
husband, I ordered a certain "sign" from a certain blogger that
I've been wanting for over a year.  It will be a while before
it arrives and I'm really excited about it.

Thanks everyone for making me feel so special this month.

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