Purple Baths

I'm was in the midst of spring cleaning (before summer gets here) when I came across
my container of Japanese bath powder.  My best friend's mom is from Japan
and almost everytime she would go  for a visit she'd bring us home a container of
purple bath powder.  It began when Taylor was about 3 (she's 15 now).  Every single
bath revolved around the purple bath powder.  It makes the water purple and smell
heavenly.   Well obviously bath time for Taylor ended a long time ago and I'd completely
forgotten all about it until I came across the half full container.  Now my little man Dylan
is all about the baths.  He loves them....stays in them until he prunes up and I eventually 
have to drag him out.  I decided to give him a choice of Woody/Buzz bubbles or
the "purple" bath.  You can see what he picked.  
The smell took me back to all the special times I had with Taylor when she use
to spend about every weekend with her Nana.  I miss those days......
As the bible verse says (Ecclesiastes 3:11)  To everything there is a season....

So now I got my sweet little buddy to have sleep overs with.
And luckily he loves the "purple" bath.

I think I'm gonna have to put in a special request on Bachan's (Kimiko) next trip.


I'm sending out a prayer request for Janet's dad, Donald who is in the hospital
for chest pains.  


Thankful for:

670.  checking off a few spring cleaning projects in my house.
671.  purple baths.
672.  my little sister, Tammy, for her birthday today.

673.  a wonderful afternoon Sunday with my sisters and mom to celebrate her birthday.
674.  birthday pedicures.
675.  big boy beds.
676.  blogging friends.
677.   caring teachers.  
678.  memories.
679.  Jeanne and her Creatively Made Business class.
680.  red box movie nights with Mike.

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