The Opryland Hotel

(This photo is from The Opryland Hotel website)

I've recently posted about TPE-II.   One of the perks of going was being able to 
stay at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.  It is as beautiful as you might imagine.
If you remember, they suffered flooding damage a couple of years ago when
Nashville had their historic flood.   But southerns are resilient and you would never
know it happened, at the hotel anyway.  Their still repairing the mall that sits right
next door.

What was so amazing is the sheer size.  It's the biggest hotel (besides gaming hotels)
in the US.   I had a little time to take a few pictures but let me tell you that unless
you're there pictures just won't do it justice.  It's really beautiful.

indoor fountains

boat rides on canals

beautiful flowers

spectacular water falls

shopping villages

many dining opportunities

it's like you're inside a giant terrarium

I won't lie, it's pricey.  The accommodations, shopping and food.
But it definitely did not disappoint.  Just a heads up.
Everyone locally told us that at Christmas time it's magnificent and
they have specials.  

(this picture is from the Opryland Hotel website)

this is the beautiful ballroom where TPE-II took place

Thankful for:

636.  flowers.
637.  waterfalls.
638.  american ingenuity.
639.  boat rides on man built canals.
640.  sweet memories.

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  1. I know of Opryland – it's where Blissdom is held – some of my most exciting and full of awesome blogging moments were there – and because I've promised to forgive, and try to forget,I won't say much about this - except to say that it was also the place of a good amount of – how do I say this – daggers hidden behind smiles. I won't say anymore – you have ALMOST opened a heart hornets nest. Anyway, I'm sure your conference was all sorts of wonderful – with none of the intrigue - and that makes me happy for you AND Opryland – and I prayed for your niece too – I just finished. God bless and keep you Deborah!