And So It Begins

Yesterday was my last day at the job I've had for almost 20 years

I came home to a  sweet surprise from Melissa and Taylor 

It's been a week of celebrations:

a party by my co-workers

toasts at gno

treats from rocky mountain chocolate factory from my baby girl

my beautiful surprise balloon bouquet above

and dinner out with my sweetie last night

I'm so blessed

 I've been asked about a million times

"so now what are you going to do"

well I've to lots of ideas

but I'm really excited to see what plans God has for me

and so it begins

Thankful for:

641.  Gods plans for me
642.  easter decorations 
643.  first dates
644.  family coming to town
645.  girls night out
646.  fruit/veggie smoothies 
647.  my oldest granddaughter getting her permit (OMG!) 

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