Four more weeks, St. Patrick's Day and Nashville

        Four weeks and counting until I get my hands on my Illinois grandkids.  Missing them lots.

easter eggs  to hunt

swimming to be done
movies to  watch

books to read

playgrounds to play on

family to love on

Does it get any better than this?


I made a few St. Patricks Day decorations this weekend.

I actually made this gingerbread house at Christmas.  My first one
made from scratch.  I didn't have the heart to get rid of it after 
Christmas season and since it had hearts on it, I thought it made a good
Valentines house.  Well, with a little green paint and a very small
leprechaun I think I'll get one more use out of it.

So happy to have one more use out of it.
(Of course, there's  always Easter)

I made the garland out of  shamrock felt cut outs (Jo Ann Fabrics)  and fishing line.

Frames from Hobby Lobby, craft paper and shamrock stickers
and I can put a little "luck" through out the house.

More on St. Patrick's Day later.


And that leaves me with Nashville.

So exited to be on my way to the Pearl Event II.

Making new friends and being blessed by inspiring women.

Taking a couple of extra days to spend some much needed windshield time 
with my sweetie.

Have a great week.

Thankful for:

611.  the color green.
612.  grandkids who excitedly tell you there coming soon.
613.  packed suitcases.
614.  meeting new friends.
615.  a road trip with Mike.
616.  Trader Joes.


  1. Have a wonderful time, Deborah!

  2. thank you for being you & being such a huge blessing to me!!!
    praying your travels were safe & that YOU were blessed by the testimonies!
    love to you my friend

  3. your St. Patrick's Day decorations are full of awesome – I heart the felt – and I'm happy you get to see your grandbabies. I have no idea what that's like – I can only imagine it's amazing. And I hope you have good windshield time. And of your thank you list my favorite is your grandbabies gleefully telling you they'll see you soon. Thank you for all of this. It brought smiles. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours Deborah.