Fun Friday

  We had a fun and action packed Friday.  I was lucky enough to have the
   opportunity to watch my nieces and nephews for a few hours.  
I picked up Dylan so he could play with his
                                   cousins and off we went to their house.  It was alot of fun and
                                 we were even able to fit in an art project.   I have to say we have
                                                   quite the budding artists in our family.

They take their art seriously around here.

Dylan absolutely loves his Meron.
And what would an afternoon of fun be without Easter Little Debbies.
Ta da da da!!  The finished project.  They did such a great job.

What's Fun Friday without a little bit of craziness.

Thanks Jessica and Nick for giving me the afternoon with the kids.  We had a great time
and I'm already  looking forward to next time.


Our fun time continued when Dylan came home with me for a sleepover.  He was pretty tired
after a busy day so it was dinner, bubble bath, movie (Toy Story of course), books and bed.

Thanks for a great visit sweet boy.

Thankful for:

606.  an afternoon with some of my favorite family.
607.  nutella and banana sandwiches.
608.  creative kids.
609.  backyard tree houses.
610.  sweet smiles.

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